Once upon a time…

This time I have some news and a review of Iplehouse‘s latest outfits for you.

We all know them, those all time favorite princesses from our younger years of life. Disney showed them in their movies or series. Most of us probably wanted to be one themselves. ūüôā


copyright (c) Disney

Clearly to be seen Iple has been inspired by those characters in their latest Outfit collection “Very fairy costumes“.¬†Isn’t it great to see how such a big company like them showing off their imagination?¬†To be honest I do have to say¬†it is very interesting to see some of our¬†childhood memories come to life in a more realistic fashion, non the less with unique and beautiful styling. The combination of something familar and the new¬†designs they came up with totally add to their existing “wardrobe” finely.

Here some of their new beautiful Work.



copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

1) Cinderella

Cinderella_1  Cinderella_2  Cinderella_3

copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

2) Esmeralda

Esmeralda_1  Esmeralda_2 Esmeralda_3

copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

3) Jasmin

Jasmin_2  Jasmin_1 Jasmin_3

copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

4) Mulan

Mulan_2  Mulan_1Mulan_3

copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

5) Pocahontas

Pocahontas_2  Pocahontas_1 Pocahontas_3

copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

6) Snow White

Snow White_2  Snow White_1 Snow White_3

copyright(C) iple house all right reserved


In my opinion those Outfits can be used for a wide range of all kinds of characters. Another advantage is that some of these dresses can be worn¬†in different ways.¬† For Example Cinderella’s gown can also be dressed up in a burlesque kind of look.

I do own 3 Outfits from Iple for my Bjds.

SID- Black Athena Set


copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

EID / SID Lowzina corset set

Lowzina  43bc4e931f92a7a8c32dc274f85f06e9  90c0993c0028

copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

SID- Black Rapunzel Set (the item is sold out and does not exist on their site anymore)

sidw_blackrapunzel_02  sidw_blackrapunzel_05  10130293424_2645064c97

copyright(C) iple house all right reserved

They do suit my Iplehouse Ladys very well of course but also my other dolls were able to wear them, even if they don’t fit perfectly. (as my other Dolls don‚Äôt have such curves)

Here are some examples:

crimson_desire_by_yureya-d8jywnm  Mayoi  cali3_1_by_yureya-d8zdn7o

The Black Rapunzel Set was a bit too big for Mayoi (Little Monica Chloe in the second picture), but thanks to the corset on the back of the dress I was able to make it more suitable and underlining her body shape.

The Lowzina dress was pretty loose especially on Calista’s (Maskcat Ruolan in the third picture) chest, as you can see there is a big difference from her to Kikyo (Iplehouse SID Aria) and Xiva (Iplehouse YID Audrey).¬† Non the less I managed to take some pictures that hide this flaw.

The quality is very good, no loose threads nor bad sewed pieces instead many lovable details and beautiful fabrics. I also like the extra picture Iplehouse usually takes to showcase what exactly is included with your order. This is a small detail many other manufacturers are certainly missing.

I do not have experiences with clothings directly put on the dolls after receiving them. I recommend you to wash the clothing gently with water and a bit of vinegar before you put them on, so that the Outfits won’t stain the resin.

Iplehouses outfit sets are quite expensive (full sets for taller dolls starting from about 100$), but in my eyes a reasonable price point which is worth spending. Until now I was not disappointed with their quality or service, also the shipping is fast.

So maybe with one of those new Oufits your Doll become “the fairest of them all”. ūüėČ

Greetings Yureya


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  1. wow!! in das Mulan outfit k√∂nnt ich mich sofort verlieben ūüėÄ wirklich toll ^^



    1. Ja da stimme ich dir voll und ganz zu! Die Farben sind schön und alles an sich passt einfach gut zusammen, Vorallem finde ich es auch cool, das dort ein rotes Kleid mit inbehalten ist, somit kann man noch mehr variieren!



  2. I really love Iplehouse’s clothes, they look so gorgeous! Being a big Disney fan, I adore these themed sets a lot, though luckily none of them completely suit my characters so I’m safe from getting them XD Mulan and Jasmine are my favorites from the outfits~

    Liked by 1 person


    1. They always come up with very beautiful Ideas! I agree with you a lot. To be honest I like the Snow White Outfit the most and Yes Jasmin is also one of my favorites. ūüôā



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