Happy Mail Day

Some while ago I finally received my long awaited packages. I was able to unbox them all at once. This was pretty overwhelming but also great. As I was worried about some of my incoming orders, and their status. Customs really took their time.








copyright (c) Monstro Designs

First was a blonde Fur wig from Monstro Designs for Alec.

The color was just as I expected, it is a light blonde but still with a more natural touch and not a platin blode. Exactly what I wanted for him.

To be honest was was a bit disappointed about the quality. I do not know if it is only an exeption, as Monstro Designs has very positive feedback on their etsy site.

2  4  3


Most fur wigs lose some hair when you comb them for the first time. But the amount of lost hair was ridcilous – I never had so many fur coming off. I am even more sad that it is already not the thickest fur fabric.

Even the fitting is not really good… :/


copyright (c) Monstro Designs

Also the wig is not as long as I thought it would be (as shown on the picture). So the styling optioins are even more limited and nothing near the look I wanted for him.

I was wondering if the low quality was really just an exception or maybe in general she is offering all in all wigs for a cheaper price and the quality equal to it? Which I could understand.

As I do own one of her wigs when whe was doing custom works back then. (Here a picture of it.) And it is one of my favorites! ^^ I had no problems with this one at all. It fits, looks great, nice style and everythings is fine.

Maybe you can help me out what the matter is here?

Also you surely can send me links to good fur wig shops! I would highly appreciate it.




copyright (c) Crystine Creations

The second little letter came from an Etsy shop called „Crystine Creations“ She offers a wide range of cute clothings for slim Msd (Minifees and Unoas, BJDs who have a have a smaller statue) and SD Dolls. Not forget to mention that she also sells Clothing for Tiny dolls: Azone & Kikipop.

Her designs enchanted me from the first moment. I always wanted to order from her one day, now the time has come, just in order when I was waiting for Priscilla.

5  7  6

The Clothes are very well sewn with a very good quality! Even the printings on her shirts are of incredibly high quality. They are High res and I also like that they have this matte look, I expected them to be shiny like the typical shirt prints you all know so I was positively surpriesed. I can’t wait to try them on!

I can recommend you this shop to the fullest, the waiting and shipping time was just as described in her information text, so everything went well. Also the prices are pretty legitimate. I would say a must have for all people who love fairy kei, pastel or sweet designs.




copyright (c) Tata’s Paradise


Last but not least the items from my Tata Order!

11I LOVE their items and accesoires. Also the clothing is pretty good! So you can find nearly everything for your Bjd you could think of, eyes, wigs clothing and sooo much more.

They have good prices and the quality is good as well! They do also offer some more expensive items.

Usually my boys get spoiled with my Orders from Tata. Not so much this time. I rather wanted to order some material for hairbands. As I am tempted to improve my craftmanships skills!

Many pearls and flowers are ready to be used. Some more accesoires also found their place in this package. Tata also gives some little gifts to your order (wether I don’t know if you have to reach a specific price range). The service is very good as well and the shipping is fast.

Even though that the order always get into customs here in germany.

Sadly there is also something negative I’m always confronted with when I order new Bjd items from Tata’s Paradise: There is always an error message after paying with PayPal. Please pay attention, that this does not mean that they did not receive the payment, always ask their F&A Section first. Give them your Order No. and ask for an approval that they received your money.

12Ever since I ordered for the first time this error messaged showed up. And I always get sure and double check. Usually they send out the order pretty fast still.

Thats it for now, two mysterious packages and plans will be annouced later with some more information! Maybe I inspired you to get something of the shops above too. Have a great time discovering those.



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Thank you and Goodbye


Sources with Links:

Monstro Designs Crystine Creations Tata’s Paradise

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