Figma & Nendoroid

Today’s topic is the well known Japanese manufacturer called Good Smile Company (short also GSC) and Max Factory.

Some of their most famous product lines are so called Nendoroid and also being a distributor from Max Factory (figma manufacturer). I would count both product lines into Action Figure types with switchable Faces, hands and other items. For their Size they are quite detailed, how ever not as much as their related big PVC Figures, which are of course more expensive.

Nendoroids (about 10 cm high)

The special feature about Nendoroids is their chibi appearance, many cute pictures surely can be taken, but also other styles. Here is a link for you for the upcoming Nendo’s planned this Year 2016. And some Little figures I personally have fallen in love with!

587 – Nendoroid Guildmaster – Release Date  2016/04

Guildmaster Guildmaster2

copyright (c) Good Smile Company


588 – Nendoroid Utsu-tsu – Release Date 2016/04

Utsu-tsu Utsu-tsu2

copyright (c) Good Smile Company


602 – Nendoroid Sybilla -Release Date 2016/07

Sybilla Sybilla2

copyright (c) Good Smile Company


Figmas (about 13 cm high)

The Figmas do have normal proportions so they have a more realistic style. Here is a link for the upcoming Figmas 2016. (Good Smile company is a distributor of Max Factory which produces figmas)

272 – figma Angela Balzac -Release Date 2016/05

Angela_Blazac Angela_Blazac2

copyright (c) Max Factory


EX-030 – figma Snow Miku: Snow Owl ver. -Release Date 2016/02

Snow_Miku2 Snow_Miku

copyright (c) Max Factory


286 – figma Mika Jougasaki: 346 Production ver. -Release Date 2016/07

Mika2 Mika

copyright (c) Max Factory

For pre-Orders they even offer special faces for their figures as a little bonus!

(For example Nozomi Tojo’s “Winking Expression” face.)


copyright (c) Max Factory

These two product lines cost about 50 dollars, compared to the bigger ones who usually cost around 100 dollars and more. But you should pay attetntion, they are extremely addictive 🙂 .

GSC and MF took part in the Wonder Festival (ワンダーフェスティバル – Convention in Chiba – Japan) and annouced many of their upcoming products this Year 2016. Including prototypes and Work in progress information.

nendoroid1 zelda_nendoroid nendoroid2 gsc 2figma 1figma


Even Fairyland participated on this convention, they had a super amazing limited Vers. of Minami Kotori. They were limited to 20 pieces and exclusively selling them on this particular convention. She is my favorite character from the Love Live! School idol series!

She is well made and her smile is precious, also the Anime style was permuted greatly into a Bjd.

Kotori_04 Kotori_03 Kotori_01 Kotori_02

copyright (c) FairyLand


Some pictures of my collection. They are highly addictive, decortive, cute and fun to photograph.

fight_for_your_future___by_yureya-d6zh8mq dead_master_by_yureya-d765bm8 miku_by_yureya-d9erjtk 3_by_yureya-d9jfp50 my_heroine___saber_by_yureya-d8am5b6

165 – figma Ultimate Madoka

172 – figma Dead Master: TV ANIMATION ver.

EX-024 – figma Snow Miku: Snow Bell ver.

298 – Nendoroid Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru

387 – Nendoroid Saber Bride


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Thank you and Goodbye


Sources with Links:

Good Smile Company

Max Factory

Doll Fairyland

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