Priscilla – a starry (k)night

Little Priscilla arrived home! She is a Fairyland Rin Feeple 60. (Well only a head for now, some day she gets her own body!)

Priscilla_1First I was horrified when I saw several stains and dirt on her face, I guess due to the loose head protection cap. Luckily with the help of a „magic“ sponge I was able to remove it without problems, excep for her chin, the  Face-up was chipping there too the lips had some a flaws. I tried to fix both a bit (blushing and drawing) and sealing it thoroughly. On the close up you can still see the little damage on her chin though, but for now I will keep her like this, as I really love the default FU way too much. And it is nearly impossible to see, especially when you don’t know it.

For her character I’m still unsure, first I wanted her to be Priscilla_After_cleaninga knight, but maybe she looks too cute for it? On the other hand it would be a precioius and special feature. And I am way too obsessed with female knights and I could imagine her in a pretty and light colored armor, with some magical features, also a Glaive could be possible. For a long time I have some Cosplay material at home, which is used to make armors and such, i can imagine myself well trying it out for her.

10Priscilla_FinalIf you know someone who sells a Fairyland 60 Moe Body in Natural skin, Made in 2015, you can contact me with the informations. (as a matter of course I only want to buy a legit one, no recasts)




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Sources with Links:

Doll Fairyland


  1. She is so gorgeous! ♥ I think it’s a great idea to make her a knight, I don’t think cute facial features make a character unsuitable for some role >3< She could be a some kind of magic user though, if you feel like knight is too "strong" for her cute features? I'm sure you'll figure out something and I'm looking forward to seeing what this lady will look like later~



    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment dear sherimi-sama! ^///^ Also thank you a lot for your opinion, I guess you are right! Thinking of itI came to the idea making her some kind of Paladin, it would be a nice mix! *hugs*



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