A simple first glance

Hi Everyone 🙂

So some time ago Priscilla got her wig(s) and i had to try them out immediately! First of all a dark grey wig with some braided streaks. Added some red roses as details on this wig and i loved the result so far. I can imagine her so well now in a shimmery Armor and this long hair, a greatful Paladin *___* but still very cute and gentle.

As an exrta option I also chosed this blonde wig with a cute curled Tail. It suited her very well depending on her eyebrow color, but in the end she will get the Grey wig. maybe i will add some darker color to her eyebrows so that there will be a better match up.

Priscilla_01  Priscilla_03  Priscilla_02

After this i had my first Session with this cutie in a more casual Outfit from Crystine Creations which i recently showed in this Blog entry. With a lots of other cool stuff and reviews.

She is so very nice to photograph but also a bit difficult. Priscilla can’t wait to get her Armor, and me aswell. This will take some time non the less as I have some things to do, I will move into my own flat this spring, so I’m very excited. Non the less there is much to do, of course my dolls will come with me and even get their own little room. This flat was a little treasure, I feel grateful we found it!

Feel free to share my blog entry with the right credits linked to my side.

Give a Like if you enjoyed it, If you have any questions or an correction of any content, don’t hesitate to ask me. Your help is always appreciated.

Thank you and Goodbye


  1. Priscilla looks absolutely beautiful~ Can’t wait to see how she’ll come together with the armor and everything ^^

    Oh and congrats on finding the apartment, that’s great news! Are you moving there by yourself or is your Mr. moving together with you? ;3 Good luck with the moving and hope you’ll show us your apartment once you’ve settled in~



    1. Thank you dear I am happy for this lovely compliment ❤️ Althoug i guess i can Start with the armor later after moving. (XD i hope it won’t be too bad haha)

      And thankys again *\\\\* I will move with him and his support of my doll Hobby is so precious ;////; when entering the room in the new flat he said that this would be a good space for my dolls and stuff *___*



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