Seatastic Adventure

With the other packages came unexpected fast one special parcel with important parts for my other upcoming BJD plan.

I have sold my Minifee DES a time ago, and no I do not miss herself, I’m happy I found a new loving home! Non the less I thought there won’t be a new MSD anytime soon at my Home. Well you never know what will happen in this Hobby anyways. If you are in this Hobby aswell you surely notice that you have slightly nodded too. x)

once_upon_a_time_by_yureya-d93ot34 melt_my_heart_i_by_yureya-d8bju4r sweet_witch_by_yureya-d8d2e9u

Long Story short: After seeing so many arrival pictures of  the 2015 released Limited Fairyline Sia, I instantly regreted it so much not getting one too, a I thought concentrate on one size would be better.

copyright (c) FairyLand

I was unlucky too as I did not find any recent Doll sales for her (well oh wonder, how many would sell their new beloved doll which they just got – not so many), all the ones were whether already sold or not what I wanted. A very important and helpful thing to remember in this Doll Hobby: Patience.

Also in this case it helped, because after a while I was able to get one of those seahorse tails from Sia.  \^__^/ I think it is a good compromise so at least i can make my own little Seahorse!

It is the pastel Pink version and it is in a very good condition! I’m so happy. For her upper body I thought I will have to „mod“ a Minifee Torso and changing the legs with the Tail will be always some work.
Until this Lady was released! (copyright (c) FairyLand Fairyline Rendia)

She will be even more suiting to the character I have in mind for her. Still thinking about a suiting name for this lady like for some other characters too, this can be pretty difficult ;( .

She is a Fairyline Rendia, the special thing is she has the right body (Fairyline), rather than the Minifee body you can replace her legs more easier with some added parts and other placed strings. This is pretty cool and switching between the human legs and the seahorse tail will be a piece of cake!

This is so exciting, and so I was even more  because I was able to get Sia’s Default Outfit too (without the shoes and hair decoration though) BUT: It is so lovely made and with many cute details. The color scheme suits the underwater theme so well and give it a magical touch.

Due to the lace and glitter stones the outfit itself gets even more feminine and can underline a delicate body of the doll herself and also with the seahorse tail it will get an use. And I am also looking forward to “Rendias” Outfit! As I just bought the fullset. Due to that this set also has a beautiful dress kind of look it will also have an use with the tail, and if I’m not in the mood I can easily attach her Human legs.

Again i am obsessed with Fairyland.


This is what she will kinda look like. I retouched the picture from Fairyland pretty fast, trying to get a first impression what she will become (without the tail blushing and fin arms + hands. –  copyright (c) FairyLand). Due to this, seeing her „together“ surely makes me more exciting. But I guess she will arrive in End or March or Middle of April? So there is still time, which I also do appreciate a bit to be honest, as there my time with dolls is limited anyway, as i do have more important priorities, but always when there is time, I enjoy it tot he fullest! I won’t disappear for sure, even things are rough. Still so much things to learn and Improve. So a doll as a reward is surely now and then appreciated.


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Thank you and Goodbye


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Doll Fairyland


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