FairyLine60 – new FairyLand release

Today some news from Doll FairyLand~

On the 2016.03.25 FairyLand announced their new upcoming Doll Line: FairyLine60.

Based on the information, pictures and videos they will be the “big sisters” (maybe one day also brothers?) of their latest released Fairyline family. Simply meaning that they are Feeple60 with the new body System they have also sued for the MSD sized Body. Due to the name FairyLine60 it is clear to see that they will be in the Feeple60 height.

And this first release of them will have the same Fantasy Part as Fairyline Sia, at one point a bit dissapointing in my opinion, because they are just recycling this idea and Sia is not so “exclusive anymore” on the other hand if i would not have gotten the seahorse tail and waiting for my incoming Rendia I would have been temped to buy this release! 🙂 And of course they put much effort in this Tail and body system, so why not. Especially it is a good solution for people who are more into bigger dolls.

This will be the last Steampunk horse edition available for sale this year and likely to remain so for many years to come.” FairyLand

The first doll is named Scarlett and they gave her a Steampunk Theme, pretty cool in my opinion. The Seahorse Tail will be only available in clear resin and surely you will be also able to purchase her lind of Military Uniform too, also a sword can be seen in the video and pictures, I guess they will also include it in a FullSet order.

She will be released on the first April 2016 (Friday) and the price is still unknown.

“Though we have modified the mould many, many times already, only 15 tail parts can be processed from a single mould; which is less than 50% of average production rate of bigger sized dolls. It is also inevitable that the unit price of production is higher than normal due to the fact that tail parts is produced in clear resin which is exceptionally more expensive and takes more time to process.” FairyLand

I guess the price might have a bigger spread than Minifee to Fairyline (a Rendia FairyLine Fullset costs 690$ and the Minifee Version 635 $ ~ so a difference of 55$) The latest release Feeple60 was Lunnula and the complete Fullset were able to get with 890 $. So we will see how much more she will cost on this Friday 🙂

Price Update: She is now online on Fairylands Homepage.

FairyLine60 Scarlett Full Option Package – 1693 $

FairyLine60 Scarlett Full Package – 997 $

FairyLine60 Scarlett (seahorse) basic – 1043 $

FairyLine60 Scarlett basic – 647 $




Fairyland official Blog and Videos of the new FairyLine60 Release.



Introduction Video FairyLine60


FairyLine60 Scarlett Preview


All pictures and videos, copyright (c) FairyLand

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