Vito Girl – New Soul Doll Body


After the announcement of the Fairyline60, Soul Doll decided to preview also their new bodys. Before Vito Dolls only were able to get with male bodys, so this new body and newly released Dolls bring them a bigger range of variations and combinations in between their Molds and dolls. Vito Girls will be 51 cm high to a size between MSD and SD dolls.

Modeling the new Body is their Vito Girl Mold “Freya“.


>Height : 51 cm
>Head size : about 6.5 inch
>Neck : 8.5 cm
>Shoulder width(including arm) :10 cm
>Arm length(with hands) : 19 cm
>Arm length(without hands) : 15 cm
>Chest : 23 cm
>Waist : 15 cm
>Hips : 24.5 cm

>Feet to waist : 33.5 cm
>Feet to inseam : 26.5 cm
>Feet length : 6 cm
>Feet width : 2.4 cm

The Vito girl body is a splendid work it looks so feminine but still seems like it can pose so nice and not being stiff. They really put effort and love in tis project, and I hope it was worth it. As much as I can see there will be many people who will love the work too. I wish i could get one oft he Tarot 14 Card Dolls.

Due to this new release they have announced their latest Limited Tarot Card Themes Dolls:

Temperance – Calia and Riris.

Both are Vito Girls and will be available with many different Option from where you can choose from.


Tarot 14. Temperance Calia


Tarot 14. Temperance Riris

I do love their interpretation of the card „temperance“. Between good and evil, yin and yan. Totally can see the meaning they put into this dolls and created a so far new concept. With a little change and „little“ effort (at least fort he idea! Not saying that this was easy or uncreative)  a cool appearance and meaning. Definetly their work and coneptis another piece of art, i admire dolls with deeper meanings

I especially Love the Wings of them, such a beautiful fantasy part and idea.


Both will come with slightly different clothes if you add them to your order.

Calias Outfit:


Riris Outfit:


The Limited order period will be from 2016.04.01 – 2016.05.15 (also starting this Friday). Those lovely Lady’s are even more tempting due to their Gifts and Events they have aswell from the former written time. There will be a 10% off coupon and a gift dress available. Even if you order a fullset you can choose a second head without Face-up out of Riris and Calia.

Great fabrics were used fort he Outfit, even though if I am not a fan of the nonn head piece I love the rest even more.

More information can be found on their page.

Tarot 14. Temperance Calia

Tarot 14. Temperance Riris

All in all those dolls are very stunning and I always wanted a Soul Doll, as they have wonderful looks and bodys. But sadly this time I will not be able to get one of them, as I have to save up my money for some more important stuff. The concept of the wings and horns are great, also that they combine the darkness and light. Due to the attachment and position of the wings it won’t be able to get a full demon or Angel though. Surely because Soul Doll wanted to give the theme “temperance” more flavor and meaning.

All pictures copyright (c) Soul Doll

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