#01 Face-up secrets – WIP Nanako

The first post of this new series: Face-up secret featuring WIP Nanako (2D Doll Brownie). It’s all about Face-ups, the different steps and Work in progress captures of my Dolls and work. Surely some helpful advice’s and tutorial are also planned, in my opinion it can be very interesting to see what steps were made until the Face-up is finished. Non the less I am still a beginner with this so my work is far away from perfection and there is much to learn. Practise is the key.

Enough said, let’s get started!


Last Year (23-09-15) my beloved Anime styled doll arrived: Nanako. After a while I finally had another Doll in this appearance, and I’m more than satisfied with her. Indeed it is something different and a great alternation and addition to my other BJDs.

Now following the different phases she has went through.

1. Bare Head – Yes those Anime Dolls can look pretty frightened without a Face-up!


2. Blushing – I always first start (after cleaning and sealing – Tutorial will follow) with the blushing.

So her cheeks and lips. Also begun to ad the lower lashes with a brown tone.


3. After completing it i added the upper lashes and tried to make it look quite symmetric (Of course not 100% but who’s face is symmetric a 100%? This gives a mote natural and “realsitic” feeling) Also little tooth were added.


4. Last step I added the Eyebrows and little details on the face.

Nana_FU_6 Nana_FU_5 Nana_FU_4

Final pictures of Nanako with her Eyes and wig.



And for a comparison a picture of the Company with her default Face-up and styling.


Hope you found this WIP collage interesting, more work will follow.

Feel free to share my blog entry with the right credits linked to my side.

Give a Like if you enjoyed it, If you have any questions or an correction of any content, don’t hesitate to ask me. Your help is always appreciated.

Thank you and Goodbye


Sources with Links:


2D Doll


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