I unsealed the evil! – Ivette’s first breath

This time I want to post a very special moment.
It has been a little time but on Friday the 12th of February my Fairyland Lacrima arrived. Just in time to spend my weekend with her. I ordered her back in November 2015. Now I think it could be a good moment after some other content to post some pictures and first impressions!

I was so impatient as I have never been before when waiting for a doll, the excitement was overwhelming. Especially as my love helped me with her name, and I am so thankful, as it is perfect for her! It was a great feeling that actually someone else really was looking forward to a new crew member of mine just as I was, maybe this gave me the big excitement boost. I expected her to arrive sooner, but she was stuck in customs for a week – non the less I was happy when I saw the mail from the customs that the box is waiting to be collected.Ivette came with a big package, Nana sitting on top of it! 🙂

The doll box from Fairyland is so pretty! The color and this UV coated signet
gives it a touch of high quality. It arrived along with other parcels, including her outfit, the other heads and her hat. Of course I first went for the doll box als I could not wait any longer. 🙂 (You can click on the pictures to have a bigger view)
Included here was Ivette and the event head (Feeple60 FLA60), also the high feet and another pair of hands. Her face up is so well done, I loved it the first moment I saw it on FairyLands Website.
In reality she is even more beautiful. Their work is very admirable, as I am still a beginner with face-ups The fascination was true when I held her in my hands. Something else I noticed immediately is the fact that she is very light. Compared to my other SDs  she is the lightest by far, due to this fact she surely can move and hold her posing better than the others. I am looking forward to paint the event head as it is very cute and will be another nice practice sample for myself. Practicing a lot on face-ups is the key to getting better faster.
Next package included the Outfit. So well crafted and the Design with the feathers were a nice detail, luckily suiting Ivette’s character too.
The other heads and some more hands werde included in another parcel.They were very well packed away and nothing was damaged. I was wondering what could be in the last parcel, but when seeing it was clear to me why. It was the very detailed hat. The Skull is contest with a silver color, giving him a more “glamorous” touch. It was definitely much fun using it in my pictures and experimenting.
All in all I’m more than satisfied with FairyLand’s service and products. Their support is always very fast and helpful. Of course their dolls are very well made, and I was relieved when I saw everything is ok with my order, as there were many meople complaining about their quality. Seems that compared to other doll companies, Fairyland had some problems in the past, of broken items or too strongly stringed dolls, and so causing several damage to the doll. Even thoughts I don’t know the backstories of the dolls or people either, surely I can’t confirm these cases. Non the less until now I was always satisfied to the fullest. Thanks to Fairyland I now have his lovely new crew member at home, I could not be more happy.


Here some snapshots from ym phone of this lady in her full beauty! Please enjoy 🙂

Ivette_Lacrima_3 Ivette_Lacrima_2 Ivette_Lacrima_1


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Thank you and Goodbye


Sources with Links:

Doll Fairyland

  1. omg!!!! sie ist so toll!!!!



    1. Thanks for your comment this is so kind from you! 🙂



  2. […] The Boxopening entry can be seen here. […]



  3. She is such a beauty! ♥ Love her outfit too, it is beautiful ;3;



    1. Thanks so much dear >///< I'm glad you think so too!



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