Havoc veil

havoc_veil_by_yureyaLet the haunt begin!

This time I want to introduce my lovely new Lady. She has been with me for about 1 week.

Her arrival Day way on the 12-02-2016, she is a Fullset Feeple60 Lacrima! And I am more than happy to have her by my side now. Her Name is Ivette and she supposed to be a Banshee, but sometimes you change your mind right when you “discover” her real self. Like I did when her new wig arrived, those pictures will definetly follow after the rest captures of this session i have saved for you all, so stay tuned for her true self 🙂

On the picture you can see her in fullset with the vampire head and the default Face-up. I Also got another new wig for her instead of the default one shown in this capture. It was much fun editing this, but also some work, it took some time as at the beginning i was not satisfied with the flames and edited them multiple times, shapes and positions.



More information about her can be found on her Doll site.

The Boxopening entry can be seen here.

This picture is dedicated to the most important person in my Life. I love you.


Feel free to share my blog entry with the right credits linked to my side.

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Thank you and Goodbye



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