Plans and information

An annoucement to you all:

I always try my best to plan all my entries at my page in advance. So that i have more free time and can be mostly flexible, due to this I can spend my time as I wish and even overcome critical times without inspiration.

But at this time I will have a little break and posting rarely (maybe even nothing), because I am moving out soon, things have to be prepared and packed and there is still some work in the new flat for us. You see what I am up to. 🙂 I already packed my dolls safely away, no new sessions will be done either. Also a new doll arrived, my FairyLine Rendia I already took the box opening pictures, just need to sort, edit and write the textes, I guess it will be published after everything is done.


copyright (c) FairyLand ( I edited two pictures to made a quick view how my Rendia will look with the tail!)

But I also take this opportunity to write at least something for your Information. 🙂

It is a big step in my life, als I never moved out or away in my lifetime. I’m very excited and aswell super motivated! Also of course a little afraid, but I am pretty sure we will manage ist very well and have a great future.

The future flat will also have a doll room, which I might willing to share you at the point it will be ready, if there is a a chance to post something and still protect my privacy. I am sure everyone can relate to this :). Anyways until then it will be some time and work. This flat is a little well hidden treasure in my eyes, even if it has a distance from my current home. In the end it will give me definetly safety.


Future plans:

(After the move of course)

1.Doll selling (will be also announced here with all information how they will be sold and prices of course aswell)

Dolls who might get sold: Akane / Tera / …

2. Face up practise and little moddings

There is one Event Head from Fairyland waiting – I also want to mod some elven ears on her and give it a try. The Lacrima sleeping head is also still unpainted, but it has no priority. I want to re-do Virus and my Migidoll Cho’s face-ups. Maybe even more Dolls especially those where the bonding is not so strong.

3. Alpaca Wig making

I  really want to try myself with making wigs (not professional just for my own dolls).

4. Armor for my paladin, and other handcraft works (jewlery, headbands, …)

The materials are here at least to make a start.

5. Define my dolls and characters

This have always been an Issue for me

6. Keep my blog up ❤

Of course I want to create more content here aswell, and one or the other point described above might find a place as an entry.


I am looking forward to it and this new part of my life and also to the point everything will be done and my blog will get me back in time 🙂



If you have not added me you can still follow me on the medias below!

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Thanks to my few but precious followers and viewers, I appreciate your interest and I’ll keep trying hard, running a new blog for sure takes some time.

I wish you some great days.

See you soon 🙂 – Yureya








  1. I hope everything goes well with the move ❤ Your doll plans sounds great, can't wait to see! Hope you don't end up selling Akane, that'd be a big temptation for me, hahah… ^^;;



    1. Thank you sooo much dear! I do hope so aswell! x3 I am very excited and motivated with both, the new flat and my dolls! Thanks again ❤ oh really? One thing would be sure She would Have a great home and I bet you would do Something nice of her *___* and a lovely Faceup



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