Phygure magazine

A special post today during my little break, as I received some great news today and I just had to share it as soon as possible.

Some while ago I was asked if I wanted to to contribute to Figure Magazine: Phygure®. I felt super honored and was excited too. I never dreamt of a great feature like this and so I assent to it immediately, even though I knew it might be some more work than I already had with the preparing of the move. So Phygure® is an online magazine that focuses on toy & figure photography.


However I could not turn down such an offer, especially not after seeing the earlier magazines. They are well made and featuring many talented photographers, beautiful captures and nice information about figures, photographing and even more. A nice surprise was that I found some people and friends I know in this issue and happy that I share this one with them.

It is always a great honor seeing your own pictures in between such amazing Artists.

For now they are four Issues of it and two special issues released.

The publisher Otakumouse was very nice. Contact and support was great and fast as well. On this occasion I want to thank you again so much for your time and effort, also for asking me and including my work.


Copyright (c) Phygure®


You can take a look at the Issue here:

Phygure® No.7 Issue 04

More information of the magazine can be found here: Issues


Feel free to share my blog entry with the right credits linked to my side.

Give a Like if you enjoyed it, If you have any questions or an correction of any content, don’t hesitate to ask me. Your help is always appreciated.

Thank you and Goodbye


  1. Wow that is amazing! I checked out the magazine, your and everyone else’s photos looked gorgeous *3* I’m really glad that you got featured, you totally deserve it~



    1. Thank you from all my heart! I was overwhelmed! And yes I do agree with you so much seeing my capture between those great artist’s makes me feel honored!



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