Project “Queen”

Since more than a Year now I wanted to make a character as a doll. Surely I do have some characters and dolls already, but this time I wanted to “create” a doll after a another kind of character. One character leaned on an original designed fictional person. Well of course I still treasure this hobby for all the possibilities and the fact that you can create nearly anything you want.

The different ideas for example were: Oichi Oda (Sengoku Basara), Saito Hajime (Hakuouki), Kikyo (Inu Yasha), Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon) or Saber (Fate/stay night – Fate Series).

This time however I was in the mood and all pumped up to plan a new project, at the time my dolls were packed away I were able to make a little concept, considering different aspects as I FINALLY found, due to a flash of inspiration, a suiting character.

But~ with an blink of an eye I was a 100% sure when I recognized which one would also be possible. No one other than “my Queen”: Lady Sylvanas Windrunner (WOW – Blizzard) 🙂 (This Idea, how suiting, came to me when my love and I played some games of Hearthstone.)

She was always one of my most favorites characters compared to all the different games, movies, series ect. When I was still playing World of Warcraft I admired her so often! Haha especially enjoyed the story when I Had to reach LvL 20 with a new Character (for the sake of Lady Liadrin – a hero from Hearthstone).

Sylvanas Windrunner Banshee Queen Ingame screen Hearthstone & WOW ( (copyright (c) Blizzard)

Sylvanas Windrunner Banshee Queen Ingame screen Hearthstone & WOW


A fact is that I try to make the doll being recognized to the character, makes the choices “limited” ( at least for the first outfit ect, but I want to get her also non Character and own clothes) BUT, my researched showed that people do interpret this character in different kinds, and different facial features (in artworks, even ingame in the different games she appears different). So I will have some kind of a little freedom in her appearance, non the less I will take Original work as a model: for example the Heros of the storm model.

Sylvanas in Heros of the Storm (copyright (c) Blizzard)

Sylvanas in Heros of the Storm (copyright (c) Blizzard)

The excitement is real, and there could not be any other more suiting idea. Hopefully I can start soon and I’ll give my best to make her look great and as accurate as I can 🙂 there will be much work, but I want to improve my skills ❤ also handcrafting and face-ups. So lets see how much things I can do.

The mold is already chosen, and the process of finding eyes and a wig is in progress.

Edit: I just ordered her, I estimate the time of her arrival in July, depending on the doll company.

And I totally want to share this progress, my happiness, work and “tears” here on my blog too. Haha 🙂

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Thank you and Goodbye


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  2. That sounds like a really exciting project, can’t wait to see more of your progress and updates on it! I’m also curious about which sculpt you’ve chosen, there are definitely so many options 😀 The outfit and all the armors look like they’d be really fun to make!



    1. There are so many ideas and things to do, but so less time xD soon I also have to go to work again~ Thanks so much I am very excited! *///* Hihi I hope you’ll like her too then. And until that I hope I might be able to see something new from your Saber *__* (If i did not miss anything) You inspired me for this kind of project ❤ and made me want to try aswell, so Saber herself got immediately erased from my list I had from back then ^^



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