Gentle whispers – Lyanelle’s awakening

At the end of April (23th 2016) my order from FairyLand arrived. Yes another FL doll, this time a  Fullset FairyLine Rendia. She has the same high as a Minifee (Msd size – 41 cm).


(c) copyright Dollfairyland Sculptor : G.O(Cerberus Project) Face Sculptor : Hae(Cerberus Project) Costume : Sylphe du Sud(Fairy’s Atelier)

As usual she came well packed and I had to unpack her before the move to be sure everything was fine.


Her outfit fascinated me immediately, I already loved it when I saw the company pictures of it so I wnet to be sure to get it aswell. Especially I really liked the idea that I will be able to use the dress also with her seahorse tail! The ornamets were lovely set and the clothes were sewen well. The golden color details give them a divine touch which is even more underlined with the extra parts like the wings. Also the teal will suit with her pink tail good. 🙂 Despite FairyLand’s nice work the wig has it tiny flaw’s like some little gaps, just like on their Feeple60 Larcrima, but the fact that this wigs are pretty much fluffy, and the hair has a really good quality, you can conseal their weak-points easily and I will let Lyanelle keep it for a while, as it is also suiting her character.

Here some pictures of her wings, they have a clever magnet on them, which fits the magnets in the doll body perfectly, a simple and cool idea of them. This is also deemed for their antlers they include in this set. Decorated with cute little flowers and berries. Combine these elements and you seem to have a kind of forest goddess or another fairy / mythical creature. Bringing the doll company’s concept on point. I can see the reason and creativity behind the special shoe parts of this Bjd, but the fact that you can see that the legs end abruptly is a bit sad and not very realistic, surely it would have been a cost and extra work question to make them more fit in. Non the less it does not weaken the cute design and idea! 🙂 Still they’ll find one or another way into my pictures as Lyanelle will appear with both her human legs and her tail.

Now to the main subject: the doll itself! Her face up is well made ( I wish I could do so too x3  <3) And her facial features reminds me of their other mold (Minifee Mirwen) aswell as surely other doll owners too. Her face and glace is so dreamy and almost melancholic, the extra eyes they included are very beautiful and shiny, drawing your attention to them automatically. As usual the posing is as great at the Minifee body’s. FairyLand has such, as with Iplehouse, one of my favorite doll statures and posability. I also added some exrta hand parts to my order as I do love the quick changing systems with their magnets, which they even improved, so that they won’t fall off as easily as before especially on their Feeple 60 Body’s where you can turn the hands around so that a little resin part will hold them into place. (I noticed this comparing to my Minifee dark elf soo I once owned back in 2012)

Sadly I had to pack her back again into her box, so that her safe transport was guaranteed. But before that I took some more pictures of her.

All in all I am more than happy with her and she is a great new additon to my crew, it is nice to have a Msd doll again.


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Thank you and Goodbye



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Doll Fairyland


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