Story time #00 – Ivette – Blood lust session

Starting a new series on my blog, I wanted to start first off with Ivette (Fairyland Feeple60 Lacrima) and featuring a new session with her!


Ivette has a very youthful and young appeareance, just like many others of her species. She might appear adorable and as she could not harm anyone, and when you relize her true nature, you are already trapped. This young women has an aristocratic ancestors and is older than you might expect. Of course she always was in the midpoint of her so called family and very spoiled. To hide her inner beast she has to operate out of the shadows, and her short temper makes this even harder for her and the facts that she loves, attention! Ivette is a Vampire and has a nearly unbearable blood lust, almost like this warm liquid heist her last piece of humanity. She is sadistic to the last piece and cruel, only for her own delight. Ivette lives in France, Paris~ and spending a wealthy. She knows exactly how to exploit the advantage of her rich family: humans do a lot of cruel things for money, and she loves to play games…

With the arrival of her wig, she revealed this character to me, first she had another character concept first, but during this photo session one thing came into another, and now i had some time to write some details down of it.I adore her crazy character, she seems so sweet non the less. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



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