#02 BJD Guide – Care

BJD Basics – Care

There are several things you should remember when getting or owning a BJD! Below will follow some advices so that you can enjoy this hobby even more and take good care of your Doll.


UV Light

As most of the dolls are made out of resin. It is a very sensitive material due UV (from the sun and even from your camera flash ect!), so for example you should not put your doll all the time under direct sunlight as the light will change the skin color of your doll. After some Time the material gains a yellowish tint to their surface, most effect can be seen on white and clear resin parts, this is called yellowing. On a smaller scale even oxygen can add this effect aswell.

(Always take care also on cloudy days the UV can be strong!) Please remember that this effect won’t be seen instantly and it will appear time after time and even with a great care and protection it won’t be able to avoid this effect 100% but you can slow it down.  For example with some UV-Protection sealing spray. Something interesting is the fact about cooler UV light, mostly found in camera flashes – the flash can be even more powerful than the sunlight, you should not underestimate it and try to avoid using it!

Dollsone White skin Mint on Card INC

copyright (c) Mint on Card INC


For example a Doll with White skin (DollZone in the picture above) will turn more and more yellowish or green after time. Brown Skin color maybe gets a green touch and so on. All in all it depends on the resin color itself! And it might differ from company to company. You can find many resin comparison pictures on the internet, I did not record pictures myself until now, but maybe in the future.


So what if your Doll has already some Yellowing? There are several ways you can try to reduce yellowing.

  1. Water – Simply clean your doll with some water and a magic sponge, sometimes it is that easy and some of the stains might just caused from slighty dirt.
  2. Alcohol – You can use alcohol to clean your doll, be careful as it will also attack blushing or the face up of your doll or any sealing.
  3. Oxyclean and Co. -There are several guides out there where you can combine specific Materials like Oxyclean, and i will definetly try out something like this and show some results and ingredients
  4. Sand paper -Some people even use fine sand paper so sand off the yellowed skin! Even though this one would not be the first option i would use.. if ever, as still in my opinion you are sanding the body and maybe there will come up problems with uneven resin or parts which won’t fit a 100%. But i do not have any experience made on this so far.


Be gentle!

Also you should take care that the doll don’t fall off, parts may break or even the face up or blushing can be damaged. Also be gentle when posing the doll so that nothing will break on their joints. They might seem hard to break but do not underestimate some thinner parts. As this is anyways a more expensive Item you will look after them even better.



Too much humidity is also not good for your doll. It can damage the Face up and blushing. Especially important when you are sealing your doll!


Oil based products

Keep them away from your doll! It can stain them and attack the sealing or resin. Even if you used hand lotion or something you should go wash your hands. Always have this detail in mind.



This is a very difficult theme. But all in all you can say acetone damages the resin and after a time you can see the result of the resin “melting”. Maybe you won’t notice this by the first time and it will take some time. Some people use nail polish to remove the face-ups, if you want to try this out aswell you should get an acetone free one. I saw some people talking that they used acetone based nail polish without noticing anything from melting or dyeing the resin. But do you really want to risk something than rather being on the safe side using the right materials, especially on an expensive Doll?

Here is an example of a more “fragile” plastic piece (remember that resin is just a more dense and hart plastic). You can clearly see the outcome of using Acetone on those materials.


copyright (c) puchimadam.com


Extreme Temperatures

You should avoid both, extreme heat and also extreme cold. Take care where your dolls are standing next to (not next to the heater etc.).


In General

You should take care what gets in touch with your BJD. Watch out and look after your Dolls. In the end your extra time or attention will definitely bring extra results so that you can enjoy this hobby even more! Always remember you are willing to put a lot of money in it, so it is worth it and also understandable.

Contact me if you have some other useful information which should be added here!

Good Lucky and Have fun!

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Thank you and Goodbye



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