Azone otogi no kuni – Arya’s adventure

It happend that my Azone arrived last week! I had to wait until Sunday to unpack her (12th June) as she arrived at my parents house. Luckily she was not harmed or damaged in any way! And the shipping went quite fast, as usual I was a bit angry because the customs kept her so long but at least after that she found home rather quickly. 🙂 She is a Azone International – Ex Cute Otogi no Kuni: Snow White Princess Aika (released in the early July).

Azone International’s boxes are very cute,  simplistic but the doll is kept in place. For every new Doll they design a new packaging with cute pictures of the included doll, and a big window where you can examine your new crew member carefully. I Think it must be sooo cool if you could just buy her in a local shop in europe, just like Monster High dolls, wouldn’t it? 🙂

Her name is Arya and she is a very dreamy and naive girl more introverted and sometimes a bit forgetful but has her heart on the right place. She takes life easy, maybe to easy sometimes, as she has a talent to get into dangerous situations but still having so much luck in a clumsy way! xD

After unboxing her I went in to my dear parent’s garden to take some captures. Between flowers and riding a “beast” :D!


Arya discovered a little windmill there.


“W.. Wha..- wait what Arya-sama!!” = O___O” “How did you get there?!”


We ate so many delicious food when we visited my parents ~ ❤


All in all I am very fascinated by her and she is even bigger than I thought ( I don’t know why I did expect her to be smaller haha). She is kind of giving me a new part of inspiration, because she is so tiny and super poseable (somehow my Little Picco fairy was not). It is great to have her all by my side at home in our living room, when the other dolls are kept in their safe room ❤


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