My first little figure haul

Here some update of my latest incoming figures ❤ due to a kind friend (Thanks so much dear Yumeko^_^). This was actually the first time i ordered some Figures myself from the internet ! Haha can you believe it? Usually the ones I have were presents or i bought them directly when attending a convention. So I Just ordered a Nendoroid who were on my Wishlist, and you all know usually they don’t come alone~ Haha ❤ As some other items really caught my attention.

The whole loot >3< (those Amiibos were for my boyfriend though <3)

The whole loot >3< (those Amiibos were for my boyfriend though <3)

Starting off with the Items who were the “trigger” of this order!

Nendoroid #587 Guildmaster – from Monster Hunter Frontier G ❤ and Nendoroid #588 Utsu-tsu were on my earlier blog about (Nendos and Figmas) entry also included x3 – Luckyyy



The Guildmaster Nendo is so pretty, this beautiful kimono gives a great contrast to her pinkish hair. And those swords are definetly a coolness factor ❤


To be honest I have never heard of this series or character before~ but it instantly caught my attention: Utsu-tsu from Gatchaman crowds. The anime sounds interesting so I want to see it, maybe it is my taste! As i really adore the style and design of this chibi figure.


And the third Lady of this order. This time a PVC Figure: Lord of Vermilion III – Teo 1/8 also included some bonus content for the game (Campaign Code Tokubetsu Shogo “Katsubou no Migikata)



Some pictures of the Amiibos


I was super excited when I waited for this package to arrive, something completely different compared to order a Bjd XD no long waiting time haha ❤


The little group all together, except Mewtwo they are all standing on my computer desk. ❤ Next to the Sylvanas Funkopop x3


An extra capture of the Blizzard gear order for us! As you already know I LOVE sylvanas so very much ❤ she is such a queen, so I had to get some merch with her!!


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Thank you and Goodbye



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