Tiny treasure time

The last week also another order arrived home ❤ including som very special figures. Some of them I really wanted to get for a long time, now I finally have them with me.

A quite big order with many beloved figures.

A quite big order with many beloved figures.


First showing the one which started the whole order: Hdge technical statue No.7 Calne Ca Complete Figure (Crab form). This is s Hatsune Miku special version from the song “Bacterial Contamination” (Warning: This song contains questionable lyrics and themes; it may be inappropriate for younger audiences. Video from: Saikin Osen) Usually I am not soooo into the Miku “stuff” and I really don’t know much! (maybe I would like it more XD) but this figure has cought my attention immediately when i first saw her. I think grotesque characters can be sooo cool and I do have a favor for them. She is even more special because of the background story of her (in short it is about bullying and how it can destroy you). Even her box is very pretty, it has a shimmery effect, and the figure itself is very detailed and the structure of her mutated arms and legs is cool aswell! I Am sooo happy now that I were able to get her since I wanted her for years.


The Next one I want to show you is from Puzzle & Dragons – Awoken Hera-Ur. She was a spontaneous ordered figure, as I liked her shole appeacance, I mean look at her, isn’t she so pretty? The flames are a nice detail and gives her more dynamic. So does the greyish / blue skin color match with the red and orange color tones, giving her an overall nice concept.


Now to the 2 tiny ones who came aswell! They are from the browsergame series Kan Colle (it’s about battleships). They have a very special and detailed design which underlines the battleship theme and i DO love it, they seem so very cool. 🙂 Lets start with the Nendoroid: No 520 Yamato. She came with maaaaany parts, missiles, details and stuff. I neer had a Nendo which had actually this amount of pieces. The amazing thing is, even though it is a little detail, that you can turn and angle all those canons! She has a cute sailor / school uniform inspired outfit.


The other one were Yudachi Kai Ni a posable figure from Parform No.002 (Company Phat!). Her pink her and her cute face just “conquered” my heart when I saw her. The hair appears in an animal ear like form, which makes her even more cute! As Yamato she came with some missiles, and cool accessoires. She reminds me a bit of Figma’s.


Last but not least…. another highlight of this order: Saber Bride 1/7 figure – from Fate/EXTRA CCC. Until then I only had some few Saber Nendoroid’s (also another chibi figure) and it was waaaaay too necessary to get a bigger one of her. Now she shares a nice place with her tiny sisters ❤ I am SO happy with her, her face looks so pretty and everything is still so detailed, also her stand seems so cool and suiting to her pose and outfit. Ah I am so speechless about her xD enough said, here some pics of her unboxing.


As a little bonus also my new wigs arrived ❤

So lately I am very interested in the figure photography also due to my new additions! Maybe also all th Doll and BJD drama is upsetting me a bit and I am so ashamed and shocked how people can be, in every kind of ways. The fact that your dolls are your own characters is big and important I can see the point when people are emotional about them, but does not give them the right to bitch around. So I could even rampage more about this thematic but it would not help right? So let’s stay positive and hold on all the good things and kind people in it.
Things to be said: I want  to improve my skills in figure photography more, surely I can learn a lot there.

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Thank you and Goodbye


  1. So many gorgeous figures 3<



    1. HiHI thanks so much dear ^///^



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