02# Face-up secrets – Xivana 2.0

I had the feeling for some time now, I wanted to re-do Xiva’s Face-up. After cleaning her head I was immediately motivated to get started, without knewing what would happen in the end.


And as I really wanted to improve my skills, so there was no going back at this point. Remember you can click on the pictures for a bigger view, but please excuse the bad quality of them ,they are grainy and not in Hi-res as i took them with my phone!


1. The first step I tried this time, was to contour her Face a bit (with light and dark brown tones) also adding some little shadows around her nose. I also started with the eyeshadow, lips and cheek blushing like usual.



2. Next step after sealing, it was time for the eyeline and also defining the further colors (darken the lips etc.) And as a tiny detail, already adding some golden glitter here and there. The effect was weakened due to the matte sealing spray, just als I wanted it. (Sadly my FUs tend to be more or less always blotchy on different areas, especially the blushing, even more if it is with dark colors. So if you have any advices, your help is always welcomed 🙂 even though the bad quality of the pictures makes it even more worse.)



3.  I was super nervous at this step of the Face-up, the No. 1 of my things I have to learn so much: the lower eyelashes. For a few times I try to get used to a brush and acrylics to paint them, which makes it even more trickier for me, but the result can be very accurate and fine if you are used to it. I guess mine turned out ok this time. Also the little black dots were added, and the lip lines in the corner of her smile.



4. Here you can see that I drew all the white highlights and face painting. Also adding the blushing of the Eyebrows. And even some little beauty marks.

4At this Point of time I knew this won’t be Xiva anymore, as I first wanted to give her a more natural Face-up. But it somehow seems that I nearly always end up with some sort of face paint 🙂 .

So I tried it and I reliezed that this is not Xivana. But instantly reminded me of a character i drew ages ago. Some sort of a shaman, I knew that this would be suiting a 100% to her. As my visions of this character was more or less a rough scribble for her clothing and hair also the tan skin was pretty much perfect. And due to the white paint it gave her character a more clear line.

This was Indeed a cool random result, as I found my drawing of her some time ago. And back then when I drew it, I was not in this doll Hobby, and never thoughts this character would come alive 🙂


5.  As you can see I drew the eyebrow lines here and the scars (first time i ever tried this out, and just with some Colors, Nottingham else were added or modded. So a simple result which could be better in fact). Also the little teeths were added.



6. Nearly finished: After putting clear gloss on the lips, eyelines, the white painting and scars to make both look some more realistic.



7.  At this last step I attached the black and white Eeelashes on the top of her eye holes.



Here some final captures of my Shaman Lady after i added some tiny stones on her face. (She is a Iplehouse YID Audrey in real Skin) Still needs a name and a suiting wig for her, maybe also some new eyes and Outfit. 🙂

11 12 10

I hope you also enjoyed this second “documentation”. Even if I also have to learn a lot (sorry for repeating, but I want to make clear that I am not a pro at this yet. 🙂 Just try hard.

Feel free to share my blog entry with the right credits linked to my side.

Give a Like if you enjoyed it, If you have any questions or an correction of any content, don’t hesitate to ask me. Your help is always appreciated.

Thank you and Goodbye



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