Story time #01 – Mayoi

My dear Mayoi is the next chosen for my “story time”. She is a Little Monica Harmony Chloe.

The Story does not have a name yet sadly, but here we go with some information about her.

Her Name means something like doubt or delusion and has the appearance of a 21 year old young woman. Once a human, now a daughter of Death himself. As Death can’t have any children of his own, he chooses different creatures to be “reborn”. Mayoi is “Daddy’s little girl” as she was the first “reborn” human ever. So she is very dear to him. Many of her “sisters and brother” do have a grudge against her because of this. If things are getting too much she loves to look at the night sky and the moon, she find pureness and beauty in them.

Mayoi is a calm one and does not speak a lot. But when she sings, she seems like a different person self confident and kind, a true pure and righteous soul. Like she wants to break through the fog of agony, but still not strong enough. As she were once a human the process for the reborns were a true torture for her, so she fell in a state of trance. Also seeing all the pain and death of the people she is suffering a lot. She seems like being in a deep blind sleep, a puppet. But there is hope that she’ll wake up one day and being a full reborn death angel. And her Father wishes thet she’ll bloom like a flower soon. She has a beautiful voice and is a talented singer. Due to this she is celebrated like an Idol in her Homeworld. (Oh her daddy is so proud haha)


For a reborn she is quite young, only 200 Years. However so long for Humans that there are already many legends about her. Speaking of a one-winged beauty who’ll hunt those who’s time is over. Others saying that if you are taking your last breath’s you can hear her dirge. Mayoi has a deep fear of the ocean and can’t remember what she was like when she were a Human, only the day when black flames reached the Midnight Fullmoon. Those were the most beautiful flames she has ever seen, they fought against some golden shimmering flames. That day she was wearing a bride’s dress. Stained with dirt and blood, the smell of death everywhere. Still fealing the heat on her skin. Her Daddy don’t want to talk about this day, only saying that he saved her and that she should be thankful.

She is disgusted of  humans, as she is seeing every single day, what they do to each other refusing to hear “what” she once was too. Sometimes she cannot handle all the responsibility and would rather run away. As she is still “blind”, a lost child wandering in darkness.


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