One mold – 100 faces

There are times when you know some of your dolls have to change a bit, due to different reasons, like problems with bonding, changes of their character, meybe even transform then into another character or many other points. I do prefer this than selling the dolls immediately, it is a good solution for a little “new start” with them. The advice I always give to people who are not sure about their dolls, is first try to do a little make-over for them, even the slightest changes as new eyes or wig can do a big difference with less effort. Another idea is a new face-up which can transform your doll almost in anything you want with all the details. It is better to consider these options then selling them at once or as a spontaneous sale which you might regret in the end. This time I want to show the changes and updates of some of my dolls, as I was not happy with their appearance overall.


Starting of with Mayoi: She always had and still does have her default company Face-up, but I wanted to show you the difference what s simple change with the eyes and wig can do.

Before -> After

Before -> After


Setsuna: He had a face up from a friend back then, also his lips were changed one time. But after all I decided I did not bond with this Face-up any more and  it was time for a change 🙂 As he is very dear to my I rather want to keep him than selling him, and when the time came I did his Face-up myself, even though I am not the best artist I had fun and it is always a good practise!

Before -> After

Before -> After


Renji: This was also a good practise, the character was not anyore for myself and I started to not like him due to different influences 😉 First I really wanted to sell him, but in the end after an advice I kept him and changed his character even twice! His second look was pretty nice too, but I had to try a new face up again, with success, as I feel way more better with him now. As you can see a Face up and New wigs and eyes can make a totally different person out if him.


Before -> After


Virus: He is the one where I am the most proud of the “evolution” of his Face-up, I say it SO often but I always recognize it again, practise is the key! The concept and style kept the same non the less. I am very glad about his new face-up and outcome. (His eyes are not here yet, so this is simply an Instagram post)



Kikyo: The first time I had to do her Face-up partically myself were because that her lips got damaged. After then I tried my “luck” and did the whole Face-up, always trying to keep the character still in place. In the End i decided that she needs a little makeover, but I kept her vibrant red Lips 🙂

Before -> After

Before -> After


And there are more projects coming! I want to redo the face-up from my Basilisk and Sylvana’s face up also needs to be done. I am even thinking about re-doing Nanako’s Face-up too :).


As some ending words, keep always in mind that you should be very sure about the “restyling” of a doll when it comes to a new Face or character, returning a doll into her former self after that is not always easy.

Thanks for your attention on my Dolly updates 🙂 Have a wonderful week.


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Thank you and Goodbye



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