The queen arrived

Update time for my project “queen”. As in a blog entry before (Link: Project “Queen”) I mentioned to create my own little Sylvanas!


Sylvanas (c)Copyright by chenbo

Some time my lovely Doll and mold for my Sylvanas arrived<3 and I wanted to share some simple pictures  of her box opening, they are nothing of a big deal but I am SO happy she is here, and I really want to work on her soon!! She is a Iplehouse EID Woman Jessica in grey skin from Iplehouse’s Doll choice Event (which takes place every month from the 1st to the 15th – Here is a guideline for it if you are interested! Please Note you have to be logged in if you want to have a sneek peek on their available molds and options). Sadly the weather was quite bad here in Germany so I did not have a chance to start with her Face-up yet. But as far as I got the feedback and also in my humble opinion the chosen Mold and body is very suiting for her! The time which was spent for researches and looking at all the different mold and user pictures was worth it!

As an extra I also ordered a Wig for her (still not sure about the color) and a „fall back“ outfit for her. Long story short: When I wanted to start on Priscilla’s armor I recognized that the material needs a specifi ctool (heat) if you want to work with it. And well as a total noob about it I did not know~ So she will have to wait some more. ;(

Iplehouse is amazing I am so in Love with her look and design.

Last but not least I also able to get theElven Outfit, Bow and arrows from Iplehouse due to someone at IG! I Am so happy she was asking. I am looking forward to these amazing items.


(c) copyright by Iplehouse



Thank you so much for reading.

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Thank you and Goodbye



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