Licht Bjd Order – Review

My Licht Bjd Order arrived this week! I was looking forward to much, and i am happy about some items but also a bit sad. Licht never dissapointed me, and even the fact their orders ALWAYS come into customs, did not make me stop to order from them, time to time. First their wigs are great they have a great design and also colorful ones, even the hairs might not have a high quality as others I Have, it is still very good and I adore them. Due to my Fault some eyes were to tiny and others way too pinky, even though I know it can differ from the monitor I tried, also because the color were called “red”. They are pretty non the less but won’t suit Sylvanas, I knew it would be hard to find fitting one and I do not blame Licht for it.

As their support and sercive is great and the items arrived in time ❤ so thank you! And finally Virus has some own eyes! Also some new wigs for Nana, Renji and Lyanelle arrived ! The purple Eyes will be tested on Kikyo and maybe even the pink ones. The green blusish were ment for Nana too, but I underestimated the size of those eyes with the animatic ones (and she looks kinda shocked with them XD) All in all I want another color for her anyways now. (Seen in the picture below – some gray-purple maybe.) All in all I can recommend Licht to you all definetly worth a try and I will order from them surely again! ❤

Aaaand – Nanako has a new face-up, I am happy that I was able to do it the last weeks, as I had this wonderful new style for her in my head. I do hope you still like her.


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