Little whirlwind Rinoa – Dollfie Dream Sister Akira unboxing

So I can say – I am totally into Dollfie Dreams!! ❤ Just immeadiately this little cutie arrived, I got her second hand for a good price and condition too! Even though she has a company Face-up she is very adorable and I’m in love with her adorable smile. Even though she will maybe get someday a custom Face-up. Due to the second hand, she arrived very fast, so about a week or so, it is very reshreshing to get a doll this fast, compared to new Bjd’s or dolls. Even though the excitement rises through a longer waiting time I was still so looking forward to me new addition as I did for my other dolls! Let’s start with some pictures of her Box Opening. The Box is very pretty and even though the packing is very simple she arrived safely. The pictures are so lovely on this box!



I already adore her posability and whole body! Definetly something different to the heavy Bjd Body’s, especially more because even if she would fell on the ground it would not dangerous for her, so well good for my heart XD ! The outfit is so very adorable!!! I for now I did not put the stockings or shoes on her as I was afraid they could stain, also the pants were taken off after the session, as I know the vinyl material of them is can be stained very fast, so just wanted to be sure, as It has to be washed first, so I won’t have to worry a little less. The wig is very soft and pretty, even though maybe a bit too shiny, but it suits her so well! Sadly I had no Idea how to keep the hat on her head because it always fell off, maybe next time! 🙂 This school uniform themed Outfit is so precious and has a nice design! Her green eyesy are so wonderful and I love the shine in them.



Some time later I got in the mood to test some wigs on Rinoa! As I had some left without any owner. I was amazed how vertisile she can be and I took some quick pictures of the wigs I liked the most for her. My plans for her to get her a teal colored wig bit cute red ribbons and I just had one in a similar color here aswell. But then a wig which I totally underestimated for her “won” even though the cut of it was horribe, but the inspiration was true (You can hover over the pictures them to get some more thought from me).



It was fun to try these all out but I was not satisfied how she looked with all of them, at least I got an Idea which might look well one her, so I decided to get a decent new red wig more natural! It arrived much faster than I expected so I was able to take some captures of her already! I had to trim the bangs, they were way too long. Anyways I am in love with her current look, although it makes me sad, I really wanted a doll with a teal colored wig, but you never know right? Maybe she will get a classmate one day haha. Soooooo here are the pictures ❤ with a less vibrant red wig.



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  1. sie ist so toll 😀 gratuliere dir das du so einen fund gemacht hast 😀



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