#03 BJD Guide – BJD Dictionary

Bjd Basics – A kind of BJD Dictionary

Sometimes there are also some new words or description in this particular hobby, which you may not know, especially for a beginner, so i thought about making a little “dictionary” for all those words and with explanaitions. If you may want to ask something, go ahead and contact me. Maybe I can add those information here aswell for everyone!


BJD – Ball-jointed-doll

ABJD – Asian Ball-jointed-doll


YoSD (Tiny) ~ about 9.5 cm – 35 cm in height

MSD (Mini) ~ about 36 cm – 49 cm in height

SD (Large) ~ about 50 cm – 70 cm in height

Face-up – Also Short: FU. Practically the Make-up of a BJD, like the lips painting, eyebrows and so on. You can also so it your Self with the right tools and materials but it is also possible to get an default Face-up from the doll Company itself.

Blushing – Can man the blush from pastell or also airbrush Colors in the Face, but mostly used to descripe the body or other resin Parts blushing (armor, weapons, wings, …). So simply the coloring of the Parts.

Hybrid – A Doll which has combined parts, from different Doll companies. Most common is combining a head with a different body, but also hands or fantasy parts are possible.

Sueding – using hot glue on the joints of your doll to strenghthen the posing. Sometimes the resin is too flat and so the pose won’t stay in place because it is so slippery. The hot glue can be removed easily when it has dried.

Wireing – putting wire in the area of your dolls joints where the elastic string is also been put. (mostly thicker ones, but depending on how big the holes of your dolls resin parts are, so that the wire and String will fit in). Practically like the Sueding you want your doll to hold the pose, this method in my eyes is more strong but also needs more time and effort.

Yellowing – the staining process of the resin color due to UV light (Sun, flash light, even on cloudy days the UV can be strong) a process which effects will occur over Time. (EVTL Teile von Care hier noch einfügen)

Stringing (re-stringing) – when you replace the elastic from your doll which holds the resin parts together.

Modding – means when you mod your doll, or the resin of it. For example sanding some facial features to make ist Look different (making a nose smaller, elven ears to Human ears etc), or adding scars, horns, tunnel piercings and so on your doll, even used to make the resin fit to other parts, for instance that hand joints fit the arm or changing the eye holes into another size. All in all everything is possible to make your doll look like your imagination and add Features you need for it.

Recast – a copy of an original BJD


Contact me if you have some other useful information which should be added here!

Good Lucky and Have fun!

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