Story time #02 – Kamui

Next story time ft. Kamui (Soom supergem dream ripper Heliot)

His name has a duality he means “the one who represents God’s will” but also “the one who hunts God’s will”. Nothing is known about his age.He was once an angel and in a unit with Midna and Kikyo, they were inseperable friends with the task to observe the mankind and the world. He was used to be arighteous Angel and never afraid to his statement and thoughts.

Non the less the “day of exile” changed him nowadays. Due to an “incident” he was banished from the heavens. Right from his “sister” Kikyo. She used holy seals to do this, right cutting them into his wings, those who once marked him as one of the oldest angels. He did not resist although the pain was unbearable and with every cut he felt weaker, the last thing he saw was Kikyo’s face, filled with pain and sadness, she was crying…. “Kamui” she whispered. “From now on you’ll be named Kamui”.

He woke up on earth, he was a nobody now, filled with anger and hate… his everyday companys. Having no home and wandering around he was lost, scorn by every creature with his marks of dishonor. One day he heard this soft voice, a song. It touched his heart so much that tears ran down his face, searching for it’s origin.

It was a dark night, he began to ran through a forest and he reached a little glad in it. And Just arriving there he saw a girl and a man, she seemed pretty young around 21 years old he was stunned by her beauty and could not move, her eyes shimmered in the moonlight and was still singing. What was she doing there? She was moving closer and closer to that man, he did not move aswell. Then Kamui saw it, a big scythe in the hands of the girl, what the hell was she doing? Kamui wanted to act but was unable to. Suddenly she stopped singing and sliced the mean with her scythe in two halfes. Kamui’s eyes opend wide shocked by the sight of the dead body and the girl showing no emotions.

Then she turned around looking straight to him. He felt his body shaking. “No it is not your time yet” , she said with a gentle voice. And dissapeared with a blink of an eye. Now he knew what she was, a daughter of the death. This was the first time Kamui saw her. Kamui’s thoughts soon were all about This Death bringer. He HAD to see her again, she was the first creature who did not treat him as shit. This night changed his view of Life. He knew the Life he had once was over, this chapter was closed, he had to make a new start. Maybe this girl would come in handy for him….

If everyone won’t give a fu** about him anymore, no respect, they should learn to fear him. He did not want to stay in the shadows forever. Kamui knew how to make the Girl appear again… he exactly knew. He became a Murderer, a monster… slaying one human down after another. And he got nearly insane, it was like a drug for him… no SHE was like a drug for him. He noticed that This Girl, was named Mayoi and seemed like a puppet, even better for him to control her.

With an blink of an eye he was rotten to the core, once being a pure angel now he became a demon. He exactly knows how to use his charm, he hides his intention and thoughts. But always being a gentleman even though he seems like a cruel creature.

Now being a dark creature he was able to follow Mayoi in the deep abyss, the other world. HE would create a place where he belongs.

The game could start now..


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