The magic of still life

A wide variety of art these days is also still life, maybe some people do understimate this part, but it definetly makes fun and everyone should give it a try. Beauty can be found in many sections of our life, and so also in commonplace objects you see everyday.

What exactly is still ife?

So everyone knows these “common” pictures of fruit baskets full of fruits or even big banquets or a vase of entchanting flowers and yes they all capture the art of still life in many differnt ways. So basically still life means capturing these objects, wether natural (food, plamts,…) or man-made (books, jewlery, …) with any kind of art like drawing or also for example photographing. What composition or portraiture is up to you. For my part I want to go with photography in particular.

A picture says more than 1000 words

Due to different light or details you can create moods just like with any other motive you choose, even though there is no face with a specific mimic. Great pictures come with good ideas and your imagination, or details. You don’t need to have an expensive model to create an interesting picture just like in any other section of art your possibilities are nearly unlimited, and those who are, well you can also edit your pictures to get the desired look. Stories can be told or emotions be shown. Also here; within the same the artist can see or create different pictures, differernt poeple might notive different details or features, like the same object but many ways it can be shown. You know what point I am trying to get right? 🙂

Dolls and figures

Yes, also these two categories go with still life art, as they are man-made objects. It is just amazing how people do interpete the same figure in varied ways some more dark others more shiny and vibrant, but still the same motive. You can take your time and try different settings or ideas, if only as for the aspect of the motive, there is no need to hurry itself 🙂 it will still look amazing after hours of work. It can be also an intersting start for people getting into photography, to capture something wich does not move or can be easily decorated andf more. As a figure lover and collector it is even more great to capture the beauty in my figures, having fun ns being surrounded by things I like.

An expensive hobby ?

Motives: For dolls, in particular BJD’s, I honestly have to say: Yes it is. But figures for example are also available for a little wallet. And remember you can also get some experiences for example in a park or even your flat, there are no limitations, it is up to you.

Camera and equipment: Well to say it directly, as my alltime opinion. People often complain about their camera’s ect and due to that their pictures are bad. I don’t think this is quite right. If you know your camera and about it’s settings you can create non the less beautiful picture. Also remember to composite your outsome, experiment with the background or light. I always recommend this to people if I am asked, it is also a good way to get better than just to rely on some equipment, it can just be as good as the person who uses them right?


Take the chance to get constructive critic from others, for example your friends or family. Take it serious but do not hold on to it so much, maybe some people don’t like something about your picture, which you really love. After all it is a matter of taste. Try to acept their feedback but alyway in a good way possible. Sometimes you can learn from it and other times not so much, keep your work going you are the only one who knws why you are doing this hobby, and the big part of it should be that you enjoy it and have fun. You can put your feelings into a picture but don’t let it overcome or blocking you. Always think of the positive things poeple say and not the negative comments even though it is not easy and humans tend to remember the bad things more than the positive.


Practise, practise, practise …

Practise is the key, don’t give up if a picture does not come out the way you expect, maybe you can use it in another way. Everyone had to start somewhere. 🙂 I know sometimes it is not easy, but try not compare you to others if this brings you down, it is good to have a rolemodel or being inspired by others, in this part of  hobby, but remember to improve yourself and unfold your own world of imaginery, an not try to hunt any phantoms and seeting yourself under pressure, take one step after another finding your own rythm.


Thank you so much for reading.

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Thank you and Goodbye



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