Sylvanas update

Hi everyone!

This time I want to share some updates on my Sylvanas project. It took me a bit to get there, due to bad weather and so, but I did not forget about her! 🙂 I am honest with you though, this project makes me kind of nervous and I put myself under pressure aswell, non the less I am happy to give you all WIP pictures of our Queen.


Iplehouse ” The elves”

Before that , I am eager to show you some new items which arrived recently! Thanks to a kind person on Instagram called @jana_bananah I was able to get “the elves” outfit and bow from Iplehouse’s Carved Heritage releases. To make one thing clear, this outfit is not meant for Sylvanas, as it is not so suitable for her banshee appearance, more like the time before, but I totally LOVE elves and I knew I would regret it so much not taking this chance to get it! Surely one day there will be an elf in my crew, it is a wonder that there aren’t any until now XD.

The outfit itself is supposed to be for SID (62 cm) Dolls but I tried it on Sylvanas which is a EID (62.5 cm) with a large (!) breast size, but it still would fit her, even though it is tight! Again I am in love with all the details of this wonderful dress. you can add the underskirt for making it look more like a elven princess, or just pass it and make her a beautitul hunting queen. The bow is amazing too and the arrows have even a space to hold the bowstring. However I did not put the arm sleeves on Sylvanas, just as I was too lazy to detach her hands. And I felt like they could be too small for her anyways.


Queen of the forsaken

Here we go with Sylvanas and this little masterpiece of clothings. The eyes and wig were improvised and not her final ones, the wig has the wrong cut even though the color is good, and well the eyes are way to pink. It was very interesting to see her like this, to have a first impression of her current state and look overall.

Some more captures of her Face-up I am working on, please remember I am still a beginner with this, but I think it turned out ok, besides the blotchy blushing, I still struggle with it and improving with the whole work in general 🙂 As you can see I just added some layers for the blushing and the eyeline was also drawn. I will add some more layers to darken it, especially the lips. Her lilac face painting, eyelashes and eyebrowns still need to be done. But I hope you like the result so far. If you have any tips I am open to this, I am happy if I can learn something new.


Thank you so much for reading.

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Thank you and Goodbye


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