Ice cold beauty – Dollfie Dream Sinon unboxing

Yesterday this amazing doll came home! So I want to share some unboxing pictures of her today. There were some trouble she caused or well more like the tracking site and all, so I was releaved when I were able to hold her in my hands. To be honest I am not sure if I will keep her original character, more likely  to give her a new personality, even though I will of course keep all her amazing items und surely will use them for her though! I want her to be like a cold beauty but with a big heart at least (she has no name yet ;( ). As usual she was super well packed and all her accessories came in one piece and without any damage. The default Face-up is also very charming and pretty,surely I want to keep it aswell now.

First I thought about getting other eyes for her, maybe I will) but definetly she will keep these for now, I underestimated how beautiful they are! Really the colors are so pretty. Her wig has also a nice quality, but her styled sides would need some definition.  I don’t have any doll wig styling products at home and I an also not very convinced about them anyways. As so her wig will be changed in the future. (still somethinsg blue would be cool) All the hair clips can be removed and attached to another aswell.

The outfit blew me away! Worried about it may stain for all the black fabric and especially the boots, I was surprised Volks were thoughtful and all the pieces have white fabrics on their inside. A great feature which needs to be mentioned. The character was definetly well implemented to the very detail. Her scarf also has some wiring so that you can make it stay in place as you like.

Something I really liked about her, were the weapons too, a great addition to all my props. What well made Items. Her big gun also has some stands in different poses (outfolded and not) and a carring belt for her. The visors of it can be opend and closed too. The little one has a magazine which can also be removed and you also have the posibility to attach it to her belt.

Here some captures of her in full glory. So charming! Sorry to repeat myself but I adore her to bits. 🙂

Sinon (Dollfie Dream) nect to Rinoa (Dollfie Dream Sister Akira), due to the boots she is a bit more bigger than she actually is. They look so sweet together! Sinon’s maturity compared to Rinoa’s cuteness are a lovely combination.


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  1. Congrats on her arrival, she is so beautiful! ♥ All her accessories seem awesome, love the fact that there’s white lining inside the clothes and boots so that it won’t stain! Not all of Volks’ default stuff is so carefully designed and made, I just noticed that a pair of light brown sandals had stained one of my girls >_<;; Luckily it was not a deep stain, so I was able to get it off with some light sanding. Need to be really careful with anything that's not completely white…

    I hope you will share lots of pictures of her in the future and also with Rinoa-chan ^w^

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    1. Thank you so very much dear! She is truly amazing and I am so in love with her gaze and whole appearance! I wish I had sometimes more time for her (or dolls in genereal), but well If i want to afford them i have to work right? XD I was so surprised that they actually thought about this and used the white fabric. Oh Thats too bad : ( maybe they leanred out ot it and might use the light fabric also on future clothings and shoes



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