Hands and more!

Last week my Volks order finally arrived! It was a bit delayed due to many orders they got, BUT to say it positive, at least they had a notice on their site about this issue, to let their customers know. At other shop I experienced otherwise ;(

So there arrived things for my Dollfie Dreams (back then when I ordered them I only had Rinoa, hihi).


I got this super amazing dress “Candy pop” it is so pretty and i love Volks Inc. quality!!

And the Latest issue back them from Volks no. 69. So lovely made and many cute items to be shown.

The most important: Hands for my ladys. Of course I had to try them on Rinoa, also with this super adorable DollHearts school uniform, I just love it so much on her!!! Glad I found it, as it was meant for another doll back then (for my smartdoll)



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  1. I looove the Candy Pop dress! ♥ I might need to buy one too, although I thought that I’d be able to resist it XD It’s just the perfect style and color~ The hands are really cute too, I love how DDs have different hands that can be changed easily :3



    1. Aww It is soo pretty and I am sure you would not regret it in any way :3 Totally agree and it would make a perfect addition in your amazing doll wardrobe *///* I Also love the fact that you can change them so easily and also that you can use them for the other ones without problems of the size and color ^^



  2. Nice ^-^ I’m still waiting on my two Miku outfits from Volks to arrive, blasted customs in my country are not working at the moment and won’t take my payments 😦
    I really wanted the Candy Pop dress is looks so good, maybe in the aftermarket.



    1. Thank you so much!
      Oh this sounds so great, pretty sure you’ll love them! Hopefully you can take them home soon ^^
      The dress is really beautiful and well made keep my fingers crossed for you! 🙂



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