Happy Halloween

And a wonderful last day of this october! Oh I am always so excited about Halloween! I love the decorations (ect.) and things you can get in the stores (even though I live in Germany we do have at least some few opportunities to get something for this special time of year – without using the internet of course). And to be honest not only for halloween days usage, also for normal or everyday use! I like creepy designs or ideas so this is even better! X//3

And with the “hallow’s end” sharing some pictures of Sylvanas! Her Face up is now finished, only need some eyes and wigs now, which might probably need to wait a bit more.

The Year is coming to an end, some special days are waiting and also christmas hehe. Few characters need some fine tuning, Face-up’ and so on, maybe even in this year. I estimate that bigger plans will be finished next year. Some characters or projects are on mind on which I want to work / achieve next year. But also considering which way to go in this hobby, the priorities and life in general.

Due to this I am selling some dolls right now to define my group and being more sure about them. A sale thread may follow later on.


Thank you so much for reading.

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Thank you and Goodbye


  1. Happy (late) Halloween to you too. She is gorgeous…Love the pale grey skin tone and the red eyes.

    It is always healthy to sort some things out, not only in the hobby. You will feel relieved and happy about the things you truly want ❤ good luck!



    1. Thank you yo very much for your kind words, yes these words are so true. Really thank you a lot this mean much to me. I will definetly take my time *blush*



  2. Great post 🙂 Happy Halloween to you and I am loving the doll. The face up is excellent for this time of year. I have been thinking about my priorities too and thinking of taking a huge break from collecting in general so good luck to us both if you go ahead with the changes ^-^



    1. Thank you so much for this kind praise! I appreciate it! I can totally understand your situation, and surely a break can help too to get some clear thoughts ready for a decision! Thanks, I wish you also the best and good luck :3

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