Todays friday topic are: recasts.

One of the most controversial theme in our BJD hobby. There are many different opinions about it. As far as I think, there is not a big grey area when it comes to recasts, there are more likely people who hate them or love them. But first let me tell you more about them, what they are and in the end my own thoughts about this.

So what is a recast?

In simple words they are rip-offs of original BJD’s. There are people out there who are making copys of the existing molds and body’s. So recaster usually get original and legal dolls from owners (!) who are willing to let these people steal the look and the design of the dolls substitutional for a deal, as an example for a recast the producer has in their “assortment”. So the fact that this is an illegal act (to copy dolls and sell them on their own) does not stop the customers to get more, even though this depends on the countries and laws themself, which I am not aware of. In germany for example it is illegal to get rip-off through the internet, however producing such is also not allowed here. It is also important about the company itself wether their products are protected and so on, I am not quite sure about their legal rights and laws though.

Why are people even getting these fakes?

Maybe there are some few who are not aware of what is a recast but I am sure the most of them so and know that they get these copy’s. Well some people are also not willing to pay the full price to companies. Still want to be in the hobby but don’t want a legal bjd, als the recasts are way cheaper. Most of them don’t understand that they pay for Even more than just the resin, there Are also costs included like designing the whole doll, ist takes time and concepts, the tools which the need for the sculps, service, production, developing and even more! Also you support the company so that they can continue and release new work.

The risk of a recast.

One thing first as already mentioned, these actions are illegal (according to german laws like written above), I have to add no more words about it right? Also If you want to sell them, you might get problems finding a buyer, mostly pro-recast people are not welcomed to the most of the Community. Even finding Face up Artist is more difficult as they don’t want to paint a ripp-off. I have no idea how big the pro-recast Community is, but within the whole Hobby you won’t have it easy, with hate and more even though there are surely some recast friendly people out there.

Aren’t recast and Originals the Same?

All in all they suppose to be the same mold, but to be exactly: No.

Most Recasts are a bit smaller as the original ones, as they use the original dolls for making their molds, so in the end result their size is reduced. Also the holes for her strings and the stringing technique can differ. Mostly little details which will make you relize. Also the resin will not be the same, usually also the skin colors differs. Due to stories, I never had a recast in from of me, I heard they have a poor quality within their whole appearance and material.

Some final thoughts

Well I am honest with you, I do not have the right to say what other people are buying with their own money, just being aware of the consequences. For myself I am anti-recast and pro-Artist. Supporting the original artist’s work. It is an expensive Hobby, but everytime I get a new doll (and for all the ones I already own) I am more than happy and appreciate them surely Many other people share this feeling I guess also some pro recast people, as we all work for our dolls. The truth is this Word is all about Money and power. Non the less I always like to compare this Situation with your own characters, which you created yourself, thoughtful and with passion. People admire them or the Ideas behind them, your work which get’s positive feedback, a nice and motivation part of this hobby right? How about other people stealing this from you and claiming to be their own, awful feeling or? I have no idea if the recatsers are claiming the dolls as their own, but the basic idea behind this is the same: Someone being stolen and feeling awful, another getting profit (not just money) due to it. Same story for photothieves, although this is another point. Yes I do know, this is a very expensive hobby, we all know this. But in my opinion this does not justify such a behavour. Also the knowing that I support the doll company and their work makes this an clear desicion to me. You have to consider not only buying their “resin” more like the whole design, Service, production, developing and more!


Just my humple opinion about this big Issue in our Community.


Thank you so much for reading.

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Thank you and Goodbye


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