Queen of knights – Sabers coronation

Hello there!

After a little break and refrain from my dolls, also due to the re-sorting of my crew and all, I feel a bit more into them and also to photography as my figures also left behind. I know there is no need to justify myself, but please apologize my lacking work and blogging and as I want to take things slowly and enjoy them more rather than being stressed out.

But let’s start with one new announcement!

The arrival of my new Servant Saber (yes another one for my collection :3 )


Nendoroid #600 Saber /Altria Pendragon

One of Goodsmile Company’s latest releases of our beloved heroine Saber (aka Altria Pendragon) of  the Fate/Grand Order Series. The beautiful chibi was available from the 24th July 2016 until the 1st August 2016 during and at the Wonder Festival 2016 (summer Event) or on their Website.


To mark the occasion of their 10th anniversary of Nendoroid’s  and also 15th years of Good Smile Compan itself they decided to “celebrate” this with a special Edition of Saber in her Knight Oufit, her Crown and her cape.


A Special box for a special Lady

I was surprised by this lovely designed box which did not use the Layout or cutting as the “usual” Nendoroids, instead they created a nice packing with a high quality, underlined with a metal golden font on it, which all gave the box something noble. Also going with sabers colors of this edition: Gold and blue. Simple design but definetly an eyecatcher. At the back they used their usual information and pictures of the Nendo inside. On one Side you were able to pull a string to open this little treasure carefully.


Many possibilities

Saber came with 3 Extra Faces (Shouting, Smiling and a funny lazy one) besides her “standart” expression. Of course her Weapons had to come with her too, she will be able to use her Excalibur, Caliburn and her famous invisible air sword. Different hands and arms came with her too so that there are various different poses waiting to be discovered. 🙂 You can also attach her hair stripe without the crown and take her cape off if you want to. I noticed that her arms were attached directly to her cape, not on her body. This makes it easier to pose her and having a clever solution for this, as you should not notice a big difference. Non the less you can still attach her arms directly on her, when putting the cape off.


Servants, unite!

Even though my time was limited I had to take some pictures of her and also a little group shot with my other Saber Nendoroids! It was so interesting to see all their differences compared to each other, besides their obviously different clothes 🙂

Noticing that her hair color is actually looking a bit greener and not as much detailed (Eyes and hair for example) as the others. I guess they wanted to be accurate with her and the anime series (which i believe they achieved). In my opinion she is so pretty too and I am very happy to have such a variety of Saber at home! 🙂 All of them are so pretty and have a nice design, within their character and figure itself. But the “crimson” Saber from Fate/Extra is still my favorite. Maybe one day she will have a big sister :3


Some last words

To be honest When I contacted them (due to their OWN contact formular on their homepage) I never heard a word from them for the payment Issue, only with the help and my own activity to send hem the money I was able to solve this problem. Might be a rare case, but I was sad about this matter first.

All in all, they estimated the Shipping Date in November – in my opinion good calculated, as she was shipped out in mid /end of November just in time. In general they did their best and when I had some problems for the payment (my adresse had been changed) they contacted me about this issue just in time (with an automatic e-mail i guess) before they shipped all the sabers into the world, so that i was able to get mine just equally fast as other buyers too. (Even though i was worried I will have to wait much longer because of this issue).



Thank you so much for reading.

Feel free to share my blog entry with the right credits linked to my side.

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Thank you and Goodbye



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