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A new kind of blog

Here we are again

I know it had been a while but here we go with a brand new layout of my blog! I Hope you like it as I surely do! But that is not the only change at all, also through my whole concept and postings.

As I lately found my passion about drawing again I thought about creating a new blog for it, but as I guess keeping both up would be a lot more work and one of them would slowly wither away I came up with the idea to create a whole new concept on this. Meaning that I will contince this blog with a more free content for myself and watchers. Non the less focusing on my creativity as I didn’t want to leave my doll hobby aswell.



So what awaits you here? All in all I summorized the content as followed

  • Photography

Photosessions, Dolls, Figures and more

  • Drawings

WIP and Speedpaints

  • Tutorials & Help

Diverse Tutorials about dolls, photography, drawings and so on

  • Miscellaneous

Diverse postings, gaming, inspiration, fun and creativity


This gives me a lot more freedom to produce the content about different topics but still keeping it interesting. As before I will try to post on a regulary base and find a good schedule and real life balance for this blog. It took me some time to define this concept and prepare my site but I am sure it was worth it.

For now I hope I dealed with all the mistakes and links, if you find something you can contact me if you want to! I would appreciate it. ( Missing or false links – Except for my bad english grammar! I am sorry haha)


Discover my new site

I also re-designed many pages or filled it with new conent a good example are some of these ineresting sites you may like. So without further ado, enjoy this blog and have a good time!

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