Stay positive!

I want to start it with some tips and experiences from my side. As much as we love this creative hobby (speaking of Dolls, photography and surely you can also put some of these things in any kind of art or creative work you know) it can also have it’s “dark” sides, ups and downs. So hopefully I can share some useful information with you.


Starting with you

Maybe some of you have experienced it before and if not I hope this will spare you: bad talk. Sadly this is not an uncommon thing. However you cannot change these people or what they think, but you can change yourself to go your own way. Try to stay positive no matter what people say about you or your work. You want to have fun and enjoy your time and not trying to deal with those people, they have their own mind and way or reasons to deal with things, if they want to talk bad they can have this negative aspect in their live. Don’t let anyone bring you down or get in your way as you can’t be best friends with everyone anyways or making them all happy. Nor you whould worry about what people might talk behind your back.

For myself I try to stay out of these in general also due to my experience. But in the end you will relize that there are so many amazing things, you want to improve and people will be around which will support you, so your attention should be there.

Start with yourself, remember I don’t want that you should change for others but get a positive attitude and motivation, share your art with friends and other suppportive people. It is always good to have these positive aspects in life and they will help you to deal with downs.


Find yourself a goal

It is also a good thing to find a goal from yourself, some way you want to follow, do you want to improve, sharing your stories and so on. There is always something which motivates us. And we should remember this. Try to find your own way and style even if it might take a while. Sometimes you might think that you are going nowhere, but that is not true even little and simple steps will bring you closer and also big improvements are possible too. For examples you might not recognize a 100% improvement from one to the next pictures but if you look at older pieces you will notice it!


Mistakes can help you

If you leanr something new or working on something in general, mistakes are a common thing. But they can help you to make things better next time. Instead of throwing yourself in a whole, try to think about mistakes in a different point of view. If you are not happy with a shading or angle, well then just vary it the next time and so on.

Especially people will be there to help you or keep you motivating! Think positive things can get better next time, learn out of your mistakes and take it easy. It won’t help you at all being sad about them.


24 / 7 Online?

Sometimes there is a feeling you have to be  online all the time, because you might miss something, forget to reply oder comment on some pictures. I do have myself a bad feeling because I  am afraid people might think “I don’t like them anymore or their art”. This first might think like no big deal, but also the urge to be able so post always and everyday something can be also very intruding. But remember everyone has a real life going on and people will understand and respect this.


Pressure, pressure, pressure …

I know this kind of feeling very well in this hobby. You might think why? It is your free time and you can do what you want. Yes in some points this is true, but I am sure there are even  more people dealing with this kind of “pressure”. The urge to find content so that you can post it or feeling like you have to post something.

BUT as you already thought this is not the right way, at least not for me. I feeling  lot more comfortable to post pictures or content when I want, when I have ideas and being inspired / motivated. I mean there is no point anyway to post something when you don’t feel like doing it. Don’t put yourself under pressure!

As i already said oeople and friends will understand if you don’t have always time for commenting ect. You will have a much more fun time when you can do what you want to also enjoying your real life.



Sometimes I recognize people who are desperately hunting numbers, followers, comments and likes are the “usual” target. And this is so very sad, because of instead just hunting down some pixels  you should try to relax more. Especially because those people will never be satisfied no matter how many followers they do have. Isn’t it better to have not as much follower but those who are REALLY interested in you? I think yes. Also all these F4F (follow for follow) stuff is so stupid in my eyes.

The most important you should never think that you are not as important than those who might have a bigger comunities who are following them. This does not mean you are bad or anything negative. Treasure yourself and your skills and enjoy the hobby, don’t be another slave to those numbers 🙂



Another big point or issue I also had a several times (even within different hobbies) are rolemodels. They are important for you, you can admire them and their work or get inspiration out of it or learn many things. But sometimes I got thoughts like “I wish I would be as good as them” or “I’ll never be able to make such great art”. Good examples that you should not compare yourself with others! They probably have more practise and spend a lot of time on their art. Everyone is special in their own, and rather than getting yourself down you should keep it up and work on yourself! As you won’t be any other person, no your skills and your work are your own. Keep it up and practise as it is often an important way to your goals. See your rolemodels not as your rival, more like an inspiration or proof what they have achieved and you are also able to 🙂

If you do have people you admire, take advantage of it, question yourself, what does make their pictures so good? For example what light or shadows do they use, how do they compose their art. There can be many tricks hidden in their pieces which you can learn and improve on. But remember no one likes to be copied! Find your style and way.


Doing the best out of (self-) criticism

Well all know this after work or even inbetween we notice things we do not like about our pictures, dolls, or anything else! We are not satisfied or happy with the result. But instead of being sad about it you should listen inside and searching for a reason why this migh be, I mean at least you noticed something right? Then you should do the best out of it and with the thought in mind to do it better next time! Instead of making you down this should give you some motivation to improve yourself. I can be a very self-critical person myself but if you are going on with some ease and relax, thinking rationally it makes things easier taking some pressure away, everyone has to start somewhere right? Don’t be too stiff, maybe you are just overthinking it.

Problems can also occur from critism from other. Maybe they don’t like the colors, or motive or whatever, but remember to ignore those who aren’t constructive! Just saying “I hate this color” does not help you or anyone else, it is just a dumb commentary not worth to worry about, since you are posting your work they are allowed to write their feedback even if it is not helping at all. You won’t be able to make “everyone happy” because every single person has his / her own taste! And in the end you are the one who is creating your own art with a special “flavor” and this should make you happy. Try to concentrate on constructive feedback, maybe you can learn some other things too. Alsways keep in mind that these constructive critism are not a sign that you failed but instead that you can get even better or seeing things from another point of view.



Final boss – art block ?

Maybe some of you experienced this aswell, it can come from different aspects maybe also from one or the other points above. Mostly due to pressure (wether from yourself or another reason). You want to create something but have no idea why things don’t work as you want and the list goes on. Like falling into a whole and if it is not enough you are feeling even more bad about it. Like a never ending circle.

But just exactly at this point you should not put yourself under pressure, it happens to the best of us that we have some “uncreative” day. Take your time and relax do the things what you want if you are not feeling well or creative enough. Sometimes it can be good to have a little distance to something and just enjoy yourself. These bad times will get over and most likely if you don’t think about it, you will get some new inspiration.

I had also time when I had no idea what to photograph (poses ect) and I just started taking pictures one after another thats were I got more and more ideas 🙂 so sometimes you just have to do it (drawing ect) and the ideas will come automatically and if not, it’s a good practise right? On the other hand I really tried to force myself to do art and well the work did not turn out very good and this can upset you or taking all the motivation which was left. If you feel this right during a session or drawing I would recommend you to take a break.


Don’t rush

Good work can take their time and so you should not “hurry” through a photosession or a drawing, you might regret it because even a great idea can turn out bad if you don’t take your time. Prepare your work (for photography for example) or get everything together remember you can take breakes or finish things up later too. You will be much happier with your work in the end if you don’t rush right through it just for the cause to create some content.


1 out of 100?

So here is a good adive especially for photography. And you can be sure it is just the same with my work. Sometimes you take many pictures, let’s take me as an example. For some photo shoots I take around 100-200 pictures or more it maybe sound like a lot but it’s nothing unusual. Different angles, light poses ect. It all comes together. But even if there is only one picture in the end wich you are happy with, it was worth it! Not all the pictures will turn out like the way you want in the end, but that is ok. Don’t let yourself down it is an usual thing and nothing to worry about. It is more likely that there are only a few pictures which will be edited or posted even with professional photographers too. Keep this in mind. Try to experiment with angles or compositions, lights and so on, they can vary a picture a lot even if your motive stays in the same position.


Inspiration and motivation

An important thing in all creative hobby is inspiration which gives us ideas or motivation, to create some new art. It can be found in many aspects in life. For myself i can get inspiration from music or gaming, the fact that I want to improve myself or creating art and pictures I admire but also other people or transporting feelings through my work. Only yourself know what motivates you or letting you keep going. You should think about this and keep them in mind, don’t forget the reasons why you stay in a hobby, especially in times when you doubt yourself.

Remember to have fun and stay relaxed it is so important. Everyone had their good and bad days just try to get the best out of everything possible. And keep up a positive attutude so that you can enjoy your time and work.


Even though I am no phsycholigist or anything like it, I hope I could help you a bit.

Stay awesome!

  1. toll, ist wirklich sehr motivierend und aufbauen zu lesen 😀

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Danke dir Spiti! Das freut mich :3!! Und das ich dich etwas motivieren konnte auch ^__^



  2. Loved this post. . . it’s so true. Working creatively is a great joy, yet it has its dark sides too. The trick is remembering to stay positive & look at the bright side! Especially the point about self-improvement, when we notice something is “off” or we don’t like it, it’s an opportunity to do better next time. Going to have to bookmark this page & read it next time I feel down! 😀

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Oh, this really means a lot to me! *blush* And I am so happy because of your kind comment. Thank you so much!! Glad that this is relateable, and your totally right, better concentrade on all the positive things instead of dragging you down with something. Always try to think over things positively ^___^ Thank you so much again this is such an honor!



  3. Great article!! And so true… I found myself in many aspects and experiences I also made. I am glad, that I am not the only one. Some Thing are easier to learn, some not, but in the end I hopefully will grow with my blog and you with yours. ❤

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you again dear, I am happy this is relatable in some ways, I guess most of us has been in similar situtaions and hopefully we can help with our experience! Oh I am pretty sure you will! ^__^ It is already pretty and cool a lovely display of yourself and your creativity.



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