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[Speedpaint #01] – Nozomi Tojo

So everyone, this is my first little drawing post here :) And it was my very first time to record anything in general! It took me half a day to get everything right with the recording program and the editing / cutting from my work in the end. I was super excited and due to this I chose to draw something more simple in my style. As you can see my lines are super shaky haha. Next time I try not to think about that I am recording a video right now as it was sometimes kinda stressful. And I kind of hurried too as I though, well this is a speedpaint right? Not to think of that It i will put the speed in the end higher anyways in the video. But I really enjoyed the work with it.

It was the first time I had to search for music aswell but was surprised how many free music and samples are out there, totally unerestimted it. Even though it took a while to find suiting ones.

But please enjoy!


Time – 2h

Program – Paint Tool SAI

Tablet – Intuous Pro M

Character – Nozomi Tojo, Love Live! School Idol Project


  1. XXX – Lisence
  2.  XXX – Lisence



6 thoughts on “[Speedpaint #01] – Nozomi Tojo”

    1. Hi Spiti!!! Schön von dir zu lesen !!! ^__^ Ich hoffe es geht dir gut! Danke für deine lieben Worte das bedeutet mir viel! Ich werd mein bestes geben >///<


  1. So cute~!! It was amazing to watch Nozomi come to life in just five minutes. Almost like magic. . . I also hope you’ll continue posting speedpaints, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them! <3

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  2. Awww love to see a speedpaint video from you! ♥ And of Nozomi, she’s my favorite girl from Love Live~ x3 Your drawing style is really cute! Hope you’ll share more of your drawings and speedpaints in the future!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is very kind and sweet from you to say! I appreciate it ^//^ ♥ Yes Nozomi is the best x//D This motivates me soooo much. Especially I have to learn so much more this cheers me up and I want to make more in the future ^//^v


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