Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn

A dear friend of mine recommended me this game a while ago. So I thought I should give it a try: Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn. When I was younger I was totally addicted to WoW (World of Warcraft) haha I spend hours in that game, also Guild Wars 2 was one of my favorites for a while. Online games can bring lots of fun with them: Exploring new areas, fighting against monsters and questing along are a daily routine even sweeter when playing with friends or get to know new people.

Magical world

Besides creating my character (I really love to do  x3) this game has so many lovely details. The world, and I have only seen a bit (!) in my low character days xD, is so lovely made! Unique NPCs (non-player-characters), beautiful sights and cool designed monsters give it such a nice charm. And the tipical “Square Enix casting animations / sounds ” make you feel so nostalgic, it reminded me of other FF games or Kingdom Hearts. Compared to other games you notice that they have put a lot of work into even “little” things live the emotions or expressions you can do!

A story unfolds

Unlike what other games you really feel important and like a hero, not being just another player (Guild Wars 2 is also a good example). Well at least this is what I experienced back then. There are a lot of videos with voiceovers giving you a hint that you are something special like the others. This is actually one of the few games which drags me along with the story and envirement and not only questing along to level up with no idea why I am doing things. I really got into it.

My first steps

After a video you get right into it and starting in a bigger town, depending on which class you took. To be honest I was a bit overwhelmed being right into it. There was so much to explore, even though the quests there helped you getting through this city and get to know places i felt a bit lost. This was a new experience compared to other games where you first start off in small villages and making your way through the capital. However I was surprised how fast you willo get used to it as there is so much to do. They help the player to get used with the game instead of throwing you right into the game and this is very interesting and fun.

The fact that your character can be every class (and even changed ingame later on) is super cool! They do have a lot of interesting roles to play. But it can be a bit ovewhelming at first, this is what I felt. But this makes the game much more interesting! So that you want to give them all a try or find a suiting play-style for you.

I might make some updates on my journey here further on ^__^



I was lucky enough that my dear friend Yumeko helped me out! (Definetly gonna get on your nerves some more, sorry XD) This is definetly a great thing and so cool to spend some time together! Thank you so much for everything I really apprecite it! Hope we can have a lot of fun time together dear! – Hopefully I can get my boyfriend into it aswell x//3

Since there is an option for a trial everyone can try it out for them selves too! Let the adventure begin!

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  2. Sounds like fun! Playing with friends really is the best. :3 I hope you can get your boyfriend to play too, haha! XD

    FFXIV looks really beautiful. I’d like to try it but no time right now. orz Maybe one day! :’) I’ll be happy to follow along with your adventures, though! 😀



    1. I totally agree with you! It can be funny and relaxing spedning some time together online aswell ^^ Ah I hope so too XD “un”fortunately there are coming so many cool games soon which we are looking forward XD

      It really has some lovely details. I hope you can try it out one day I’m sure you would enjoy it too! :3 Thanks for your cheering comment!!

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