Magic moment – Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma unboxing

I have her for some time now but well here is finally her box opening, please enjoy!

This is a very special and happy announcement for me! I thought I would get this lady in 2017, but due to a good price and other circumstances I was able to get her in 2016 near Christmas (also arrives some days before) :3 so yeah she is basically my little christmas elf haha. I always loved elves in every kind of game, book or any universum imaginable! If I can play one, you can be sure I will xD. So Finally I got again my own Elf doll at home! Even more special as she is a Dollfie Dream from Volks: Kirika Towa Alma from the shining resonance series, where she is one of the main characters. There she uses magical song and being a healer more than a damage dealer and having a kind characteristic.

I never played the game, even though it has just a nice design and a combat mode wich would suit my favorites. So you never know, maybe there will a chance for me to play it an get a better insight of her.


The arrival

Here we go with some first captures, please apology the poor light and picture quality, I wanted to take some pictures non the less, even though the weather was not in my favor^^:


Your ears, … are so long 🙂

Again I was not dissapointed with volks sewing and clothing! I am more convinced than ever, this is so cute and detailed and the fabric is so well chosen too! Soft and with a high quality which suits a lot to her original character design. Great work which made her come alive through a doll. In general I adore her character design, the blue shades and white gives her a sublime appearance in which this doll totally keep up with. One skirt even have those cute bells which chime so lovely, I was a bit surprised first, a positive surprise! Also these big bows are amazing and give her the last touch. The Butterfly ornament is for her pony tail and underlines her delicate site. Of course her ear rings came too, they thought of every little detail. Even though I did not attache them to her and rather not pircing her xD.

The ears were a little highlight, they are made of hard plastic (resin I suppose) and can be imposed of her Dollfie dream Human ears easily. So It’s up to you if you want her as an elf or not – also a help when you want to transport her so make sure nothing will get damaged – just take the ears off 🙂

Yes I did not put her butterfly directly on her ponytail as supposed to be, because I would have used some force and I did not want to break anything, so I went sure with it and put it on a soft space of he hair, which won’t be notived in front anyways. The wig is super soft and great to handle too 🙂


Fighting or seremonial clothing?

You can basically dress her in 2 main ways: First with a cute short skirt and the other one with a long one. I prefer the shorter version, as you can see more details of her clothing , like stockings or shoes. Speaking of them, they are so pretty and massive, the “sole” is made out of wood (I guess) and they suit her so great, some clear sublime rubber straps are there so keep them in place. She can stand very well with them due to the weight and big surface. The fact that there are so many pieces of her outfit is great, you can mix and match them easily also with other clothing 🙂 The sleeves have a clever attach “systems” with some simple tiny puttons, so you can put them on fast.



My elf maiden

Of course I want to show you some full pictures of her with this wonderful clothing on! I am so amazed by this beauty and being super happy! Thank you Volks for this release! Looking forward to more work from you.

I am still not sure if she will stay in character like this but she will keep her name Kirika as it had a lovely sounding. It is always a difficult question, like it was with Sinon too. But the Full set will stay and the comfort that I can chance her as I want too! The facts that she is so cute designed and well made makes me more secure that getting a full option character is always something nice even though you want to change their appearance. One thing is sure: the face up will definetly stay 🙂

  1. oh she is precious!!! Congratz on this beautiful girl.
    The ears are so clever… you could turn any DD in an elf now – or not. Very inventive!



    1. Thank you so much Rachel! She is very precious! I adore this fact aswell! ^^



  2. Congratulations for Kirika joining your family~! She looks like she’s happy to be home with you. 😀 And she’s beautiful, Volks really did think of everything, didn’t they? The elf ears are really cool, I like that you can remove them for a human version or to protect them during travel.
    Thanks for sharing the box opening with us! :3



  3. omg!!! sie sieht so toll aus 😀 bin ich richtig neidisch ^^ sehr schönes unboxing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Danke dir nochmals liebes und Danke vorallem für deine Zeit! Das Freut mich wirklich riesig! Ja ich hab sie auch so lieb! ^-^ und nein das brauchst du doch gar nicht >.< !!



  4. She’s an absolute beaut! Makes me really want her myself, her face up is gorgeous. Well done acquiring her 🙂



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