[WIP] – Corrin – Fire Emblem Hype :D

Hi Everyone~ today I want to share some sneek peeks and WIP of my current drawing “project”. Inspired by the Fire Emblem games one of my favorite characters: Corrin the (player) Hero from Fire Emblem fates. This was actually the first time I did some few sketches and ideas of how I want to pose her. Usually my drawings look so stiff so I though about trying out something new. And it was pretty much fun too! I also like how the more defined scribble, which I will use, turned out.

I am always so excited when I record my drawing, yes I will make a speedpaint for the picture and work once it is finished, but it may take some time, please look forward non the less 🙂


Fire Emblem

This all came up because of the new Fire Emblem game which will be released on the Nintendo Switch this year: Fire Emblem Warriors! I’m all hyped about it as I love the Warrior games too, so there are two great things combined x3 ! Here a trailer for you:

Even though I only played FE Fates and Awakening I adore the series (and it is so fun to make your character pairings and let them marry X//D).  It has many lovely characters It was hard to choose who I want to draw, but due to Smash Bros. and fates I really stick to Corrin, she is so cool! Her design and armor are fascinating and I like her strong character. Soooooo I was hyped too when I saw there will be a Figma of her ! Definetly gonna get her. And so my Lucina figure will be with me soon aswell! Hihi


Bonus Smash 4

Here a little highlight for you, which is super embarassing for me (sorry I’m still kind of bad in this game >///< don’t expect too much XD). A recorded match of my Boyfriend (Bowser) and me (Corrin) against some other players in Online – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Online / For Glory / Team Smash). Enjoy anyways ! Haha

  1. […] Lucina, from Fire Emblem: Awakening! She is a Figma I earlier told about when posting a little update on my FE plans before. Oh man that poor picture need to be finished also, I’m sorry! […]



  2. I like seeing your sketches, it’s always cool to see the process behind a painting! The pose you chose looks so cool, I’m looking forward to seeing the speedpaint & finished painting!

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    1. Thank sa lot I am happy you think so! I am very excited when I work on it x//D even thought it might be no big deal for others, personally I think this is one of my “biggest” project so far in digital drawing (in which I do lag of experience and practise) ^^ Try my best!

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      1. You’re welcome! I hope you have a lot of fun working on it, the sketch is amazing, and I’m excited to see the speedpaint and the finished piece – and even WIPs! XD

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      2. Thanks again! This really relieves me a lot! I’m feeling a bit bad to be honest because I want to make so many things but there is such few time XD ! But The most important is that we all have fun ^^ thanks for always cheering me up!

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      3. No problem! 🙂 It seems like there’s never enough time in the day, doesn’t it? That’s why it’s important to do the things we enjoy. Keep having fun Yureya! ^^


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