Innocent darling – Angel Philia Lena unboxing

  • Warning: Doll nudity ahead!

This lovely lady arrived in march! As my interest in “anime kind of style” dolls (thanks to Dollfie Dreams :3) is increasing besides BJDs I got my hands on an Angel Philia. Like it is often the case the orders had a limited period so in the end I decided I should get her. And I am more than happy I did. As they are not as easy to get otherwise, even for second hands.

I was super worried non the less as the site who offered her was deleted just when the time arrived where she should be sent off! And it is still gone, so I won’t leave a link here or name them, sorry! It was so suspicious but happily everything went fine in the end.

Exciting and shocking

While transporting and carrying the box I heard a little rumble, even tough I handled her with care. After I opend her pinkish, purple box my heart stopped a beat as I found out even though she was wrapped in bubble foil, her head had no protection execpt for the plastic bag. So well nothing unusual for these kind of vinyl dolls but the fact that she was only fixed at her feet within the box. Volks for example always have little ribbons to fix the doll and keep her from falling arounf. So the rumble was her head on the doll box! So I feared she might got damaged within the shipping as they usually won’t take much care as we would when picking up a doll. The fact that she had a Face-up upset me even more. After an inspection I just found a little ligth stain on her nose which I was able to remove! I was so relived! Maybe I was too worried !


Detailed work

So I right away took some pictures of her pretty body and blushing! I never had a doll with a full body blush (worried about damaging it) so it was amazing to see how detailed and more real she looks especially for the hands. Her lips are so adorable and these tiny theeth too! The posing is really amazing and compared to Dollfie Dreams she is more flexible. I want to make a comparision between both bodys. As she has a more unusal size (48.5 cm) I decided to get some shows for her too, because it would have might been a little problem with the shoes I have. There also came several other hands with her.

First impressions

Lastly some simple head shots from her dressed up. The Wig and clothing were way too big but you can’t see it here! 🙂 I Noticed afterwarts and I should have known before that MSD (7-8″) wigs are perfect for her, but did not think about it first. Loose clothing for SD doll fit her great too (like pullovers and so) if you want a casual look on her but if you want to have a nice fitting dress or something like that you have to search for alternatives. The dress I tried on here is for Dollfie Dreams / Sister and especially on her waist it looked ridiculous, but worth a try. I can tell you she does not look like this anymore, as I really found a cute style for her, so more pictures are to come. 🙂


◆ Manufacturer:Quarantotto

◆ Product Description: Pre-painted Complete Model

◆ Size: Total height approximately 48cm

◆ Specifications
● Head: Type-M(Ire-me type・Eyehole size/16mm), Skin Colour/Tan, With Face-up, Suitable Wig Size/7 inch
● Eyes: Original Doll Eyes – Red 16mm
● Body: Upper Torso・Lower Torso・Thigh/Type-H(Soft Skin), Shin/Type-C, Arm/Obitsu50, Feet/Heel Feet, Skin Colour/Tan
● Option: 3 types of hand parts(fully blushed)/Open Hands・Fist Hands・Gripping hands
● Inner Frame: Obitsu48.5, Skin Colour/Tan
● Skin Colour/Tan

◆ Materials
● Exterior skin parts/PVC(Soft Vinyl)
● Head/PVC(Soft Vinyl)
● Internal Frame/ABS・POM
● Doll Eyes/Acrylic

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