[Drawing] – Cosmic girl

One of my first drawing I did when I got into drawing once again a while ago! So out of practise, but I had fun experimenting with an own style. It all began with a nonsense scribble in my notebook, then I decided to give it a real try on my PC.



Back then I did’nt took a video out of it, so I thought it would be at least entertaining to post a little WIP along here. So in my first step I did a very simple scribble out of my idea, already very defined about the “pose” and look. Not like my Corrin project when I tried very stylized little ideas about the look and feel of the picture, I just wanted to draw a simple picture of this character and style itself. I had this idea of a cosmic like girl, simple but with a few details to make a little allusion.



After the first scribble I immediately began to start with the outlines without further thinking and defining the lines and simple style. The most fun part were the eyes as I tried to give them my own touch and as the pose is nothing special and more like a simple portrait, I think they are an important part of this picture.

The result

I tried to play with colors who would match good and make the eyes pop out of the picture more. Adding some galaxy and star elements for her and the appearance so there would be a little connection to it. I still hav some issues when it comes to coloring, there is so much more to learn for me but I try to take the practise I can do to improve. Very basic, but please enjoy.


Thanks for reading and have a great day!

  1. Lovely piece Yureya! (^w^) I always love seeing a picture’s progress from sketch to complete work, I’m so happy you shared!
    It’s funny that you call this painting style “basic,” it’s so shiny and complex. You should give yourself more credit!

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    1. Thank you so much River! You are so kind and I am happy you think so aww *blush* this is such a motivation boost amd big praise for me!! Really thanks a lot again! I am glad you enjoyed ^///^

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      1. Aww, it was my pleasure! ^^ Every time you post, your beautiful art & pictures inspires me to do more too, so I’m always excited to see a new post from you in my reader~


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