Final Fantasy XIV – The journey continues

In my last post of FFXIV I shared some of my first experiences with the game and the start of a great journey. Much has happend since then! And I had a blast! I am taking a little break of if right now but I want to share some love for this game again and mostly some impressions with screenshoots throughout the game! Don’t worry I will try to avoid any spoilers of the story itself in case you want to give the game a try too! 🙂

Carry on

Due to all the awesome option, you will notice my character went through many visits to the hairdresser XD ! I could not help myself, and trust me, there were many more phases she got though! So where should I start? After switching my “main class” to a ranger my journey continued armored with a bow. I visited many differend cities and landscapes, it is wonderful how much love they put in the environment.

There were dry deserts with oases, beaches, farms, deep jungles and so much more. Exploring the map was great and the quests took you right through them. Gladly due to the teleport systems you are able to get where you want with an blink of an eye.


Finally a bard

My no 1 object (beside the main story of course) was becoming a bard. And I was SO happy when it finally happend! I really like being a support part of the group and giving my best. I visited many dungeons as well and even raids too. Because the group searching tool I was able to get along. Even though I have to say the waiting times (for a DD at least) are kind of long, so nothing unusual for Final Fantasy as for the other MMORPGS. I was super excited and had a fun time and help from my friends – Thanks a lot at this point! Such a big and kind help! I really enjoyed it all the time. Even though you had to bear with me all the time as a noob XD (and the super embarassing armor thingy haha).


A Xaela to be proud of

And I also decied to switch my character to the xaela clan. So the golden horns and scales are gone (as you might already noticed) and got the black ones instead. Also a total overdo was possible from her whole appearance. FFXIV has this cool bonus system, unlike any other online games I have played so far. If you are buying a new month to play you will get nice bonuses and gifts for playing the game.

For now she got her “final” form aswell! A more dark and alluring theme. As I thought, well why not have a darker based character for a bard? ^^ Anyways this is the look she has for now and as she stayed for the most of the time. Let’s see for how long XD But I have the feeling I defined her whole character a lot more.

FFXIV - The journey continues


Thanks for reading this little update!

  1. Love to hear that you have enjoyed the game ^^ I have taken a break from it, but will buy more game time after the newest patch is released since then I’ll be able to continue the story!

    Waiting for dungeons/raids can be really slow for DPS classes, healers and tanks get in a lot faster :/ If you can play with any healer and/or tank, it can make the wait really fast! As a healer I usually get in within a few minutes ^^;; Would be fun to play together some time~ They’ll add a cross-server friend list soon so it’ll be easier to play with friends on other servers!

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    1. Thanks a lot dear ! ^^ Yes it is so much fun! For now I’m also in for a little break too. There are so many games to play XD and much more. This sounds like a great plan! Maybe I will also get some more time after it’s release some day.

      Ahh I bet! XD Yes as a DD there is a lot of (waiting) time XD The last days I played I also actually enjoyed farming and leveling up the “non fight” professions a lot. It.. can be kind of relaxing!
      Oh wow are you serious? This sounds super awesome, so I’m happy that there might be a chance to play together even though I’m such a low noob XD. It is a nice feature and cool from square enix to consider this, maybe this will also affect the waiting times? At least in wow you were also able to play with people from other servers through the random group search !^^



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