Dollfairyland’s Halloween Event 2017+ new releases

Today I wanted to share some “news” and updates, this time from Fairyland. ~ Edit: Added their new Ria Fairlyine60 Phoenix Girl

FairyLine Alicia

Like some further released doll, Fairyland added another Sea Horse styled Doll into their shop. She can be ordered with different options and sets. Well I don’t know, somehow she reminds me of another doll, but I can’t catch the thought (don’t want to say they copied anything though!). Anyways I think she is cute, but I’m quite happy that I am not in the danger of getting her^^. But it seems they have a big success with this concept of the sea horse.

I think Fairyland just found their kind of style, well at least you can see some very consistent elements like the face-ups and clothing which is remearkable and gives you a direct connection to fairyland. I don’t want to say that all their dolls look totally the same, but there is a familiar style between these all. Well at least in between all the other BJD companies to have a strong identity and might be not too unusual. And I do like their style a lot, but thats just a simple thought from me ! ^^ And in the end it is up to you wether you want to customize them or not.


Halloween Event 2017 from Dollfairyland

  • From: September 22nd, 2017 ~ November 1st, 2017, 6 PM (KST)

In addition of the new released doll Alicia, they are currently also having a Halloween Event with different options and heads to get!


FairyLine60 Ria

And a new big girl joined their store: Fairyline60 Ria. She is a phoenix styled SD Doll withe some really cool fantasy styled legs. I like her darker default face-up, especially the pretty lips and mouth! The dress is on point aswell!


More Informations can be found on their Site!


Note: Please keep in mind all the pictures and videos above belong to (c) Dollfairyland!


My Fairyland Dolls can be found here! 🙂

  1. Hm… they are kind of stuck in one style for their dolls, since it works with the people and the sales are over the top. But to catch me as a customer (or more individual buyers like me), they should add more diversity. But hey – I enjoy to look at Fairyland Dolls from other People, so maybe that is fine too.

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    1. I totally agree with you, I also think they would not stick with them if they were not successful with it. And I can understand you very well at this point, they are doing a great of work and effort, but there are indeed companies out there which have a bigger variety on the look and feel of the dolls. But they are great to watch non the less as you said ^^ thanks for your oppinion and comment dear! I appreciate it

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      1. I have to add: I love the shoes!! All of them xD
        I have the black skull shoes and they fit my IH JID just right… more just than right, but it fits – it sits xD

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  2. Oh~ Alicia is beautiful! I’ve admired the Fairyland line for a while, and it seems like their new releases with different themes are becoming more and more creative. Though luckily Alicia doesn’t grab my attention so much, one day I’d like to bring a Fairyland girl home~
    Thanks for sharing, Yureya! ❤



    1. She is really very pretty ^^ They are great and I can recommend you dear. Especially because you can switch so well and fast from the sea horse tail to normal legs! So we are both save… for now XD Yes let’s see what they come up with in the future, I hope there will be some treasure for you!

      (And oh my… I’M just so slow XD I just found your Bjd blog ^///^ !)

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      1. Yes, let’s both save. . . and soon some lovely dolls will join our families. XD
        The seahorses and mermaids are really cute. The one I really fell in love with, though, was MiniFee Mio as the Queen of Hearts. I couldn’t get her at the time, so maybe one day I’ll be able to order Mio through a la Carte. ❤

        (Heehee, no worries. . . Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to update it lately. 😦 I’m hoping I can find some time to do a photoshoot with Corinne soon. . . . )


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