Splatoon 2 – More than a shooter game

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great time. Today’s topic is a new addiction of mine which started last month: Splatoon 2! So I thought I could write a short review and some details about in here! Please Enjoy! No spoilers 🙂

What is is about?

It’s mainly an online multiplayer game, concentrated on a 4 vs 4 player basis! But there are also single player levels and content you can play for fun and to unlock cool equip. New in this second part is that Nintendo added some PVE content where you and 3 other players are fighting against some mobs and bosses.

Splatoon 2 Ingame 3

Armed Squid?

The game itself is shooter based, so you can choose your weapon with different ranges, special weapons or play styles. Now to the fun part: the character which you play is technically a squid or well I’d rather say some sort of hybrid as you can change yourself ingame from a human to a squid form. This has a big influence of the game. Oh, and of course you are shooting ink with your weapons to paint the areas or splat your enemies.

Splatoon 2 Basic 1

Take a swim!

As mentioned you are able to paint the ground or walls of the maps with your ink.  So you’re able to swim in your own ink (and on walls) as a squid! This makes you faster and very mobile you can even sneak to your enemies. But be careful the faster you swim the more you will slosh the ink around you and you will be more visible while swimming. Therefore the enemies ink will slow you down and make you vulnerable.

A weapon for every need

There are a lot of different kinds of weapons usually the range, damage, speed and spread (of your ink) varies a lot also in weapons who are in the same category. So this information is very generic, there are many exceptions.

  • Splattershots: “Common” weapon type and the one you’re going to start with. They have variances of shorter and higher ranged weapons with and without spread.
  • Roller: Like a huge painting roller you can use this to splat your opponents from far away with the vertical / horizontal swing or close range by rolling over them.
  • Brushes: Being some kind of close range warrior / Ninja ! These weapons are great fun too.
  • Long-ranged sniper: Probably well known in other shooter games, you can snipe your opponents from a greater distance.
  • Umbrella: Reminds me of a shot-gun and you can defend yourself with your opened Umbrella

And sooo much more!


Game modes on top

As you might have known the game has different game modes as well and as earlier mentioned mostly all are 4 vs 4:

Splatoon 2 Game modes 1


Salmon run

You fight with 3 other players against little salmon fishes and bosses. One game has 3 waves which need to be beaten and cleared to win the round. The goal is to catch golden eggs from the salmon bosses. How many you need to beat a wave depends on how high your rank and difficulty is. For every few hundreds of points you are able to get some real nice bonuses (gold, eqiuipment, ability parts and so on)

Splatoon 2 Salmonrun


Turf Wars

This is probably the most common (and my favorite game mode) 2 teams are fighting against each other. Those who have the most turf inked at the end of a match will win (both teams will have different team colors so you can see your inked turf)! This is great fun, because splatting (killing enemies) is not the important part but it can help! Especially in the last seconds it is important to watch the map and ink everything in your color.

Tower control

You have to get the tower in the goal before your opponents (or get the most points when the time runs out). However you both use the same one and you move it when you or a teammate stands on it. So it is usually a back and forth of the tower if two good teams are playing against each other.

Splatoon 2 Game modes 2


Basically capture the flag mode. You have to bring the rainmaker at a point within the enemy base. The rainmaker user has different abilities but is visible for all the players!

Splatoon 2 Game modes 3

Splat Zones

One or more splat zones are placed in a map. Your goal is to color them in your ink and take “control” over them”. If you own the areas a countdown from 100 to 0 will start, however your opponents will try to do so too!

Splatoon 2 Game modes 4

Content and events

Splatoon is one of Nintendo‘s popular franchise and recently they brought up their second release of the game – Splatoon 2! There are also some events called “splatfest” where you have to chose a side of 2 teams. Like Ketchup VS Mayo or (Superpowers) Flight VS Invisibility. So it is basically turf wars against the other team. And the winner will get more super sea snails who you need to upgrade your equipment.

Another plus point (for me at least) are their super cute idols. Marina and Pearl. They announce all the new things or leading the Teams in the splatfest. They have such cute and cool songs too! I really like the idea. A video of them below the post!

Also until now there were weekly new updates. New weapons or maps, this is actually pretty much awesome and keeps you on the hook 😉


Something what I am a bit disappointed of is the fact that it is not easy (or even impossible) to play together with your friends in the same team! Well ok there is turf wars and your teammates will be randomly choosen out of 8 players in your lobby. And yes it happens too that you are together with your friend. But what especially bugged me was that in the splatfest events… you are not able to play together with someone in a team. Only if you have 3 other friends. So neither my boyfriend and I were able to play together and neither with another friends. Most people are already in groups so you cannot invinte a random friend from your list. But however you can also try to play with online friends and fill the group up with them, which can be a bit difficult, but at least there is this option! ^^

One guaranteed option is to play ranked battles (tower control, rainmaker and splat zones only) in a team – just like in the splatfests.

All in all

I think this is a great game even more because Nintendo is always working on it and releasing much new content to the players every week, like new weapons, maps and so on! Great to see they put so much work into it.

Even though I am still quite new and had some fun times it can get frustrating sometimes. Because people are so insanely good and always killing you or taunting you in the stupidest ways, even though you just try to give everything. It is so sad to see that other people just want to take all the fun away from others not even you but also their own team. Because dumbly taunting won’t help the other team either it is just lost time. And for someone like me with lacking experience this actually happens a lot to me! But I guess those people are everywhere no matter what game XD so it does not have to do something with Splatoon 2 in particular.

Even though there are some bad days where nothing seems to work out (at least for me haha) you can have a great time in this game and improve your inkling skills! And even though you have a losing streak, you should not get down because of it, you can give your best and get a lot of points anyways. It is just so much fun and always catches you again.

Splatoon 2 Updates 1

The updates make you come back again too and stick to it. They just did it right I think! The details are so cute and I really like the whole character design and concept behind Splatoon 2. You can try out many different weapons and playstyles. Even though I am not into shooter i can have a great time with it, also because you can use the gyro controles to aim.

So I hope you liked the post with a little insight of the game, and I’m sure I might missed something and definetly could not go so much into detail.

Thanks for reading!


  1. A nice review! It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun with Splatoon~ Too bad it’s difficult to arrange playing with your friends, maybe they’ll fix that with Splatoon 3. ^^

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you dear! It means a lot ^//^ (ah yes there are even more cool games to be released on the Nintendo Switch XD) But I try not to loose too much time for my other hobbys ^^. Ah this would be so great aswell!

      Liked by 1 person


      1. My pleasure! 🙂 They do have a nice selection for the Switch, and it seems to be getting better all the time. I’d like to try Breath of the Wild one day~


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