Character re-design #1 – Kaede

So lately I got really motivated by two great bloggers and artists: River and Nana-chan! Due to great tutorials and help or their great work within their characters and stories! Thank you both a lot. I thought about my characters a lot lately. Especially those who are displayed out through my dolls. I do not have so much experience in story writing or what so ever. But I wanted to get things on and define, maybe even change my characters and ideas. So not only having “pretty dolls”, I wanted to give them more of a personality. Even though I doubt I could be able to get a story for them right away or in any near future, I thought it would be great to start of with little steps. And with these little “projects” I wanted to sketch my ideas, as it could help me as a drawing / concept practise 🙂 Focusing on my Dollfie Dreams first however.

Kaede – happiness come in little things

Starting of with my Dollfie Dream Kirika (Kirika – Shining Resonance Mold). I have her for a little while now, well almost a year soon.  Never had any big changes, as I liked her appearance as she was, except for a wig I tried on her, which I really liked. Underlining her elf like self with a pinkish wig and braids. She looks so young and sweet, so here is her current state:

Character re-design #1 - Kaede - ScribbleI thought about what she might be like in this current state and the sketches really helped a lot! Especially with the different emotions and expessions I could capture some of her features. As mentioned she looks kind of young (due to the wig I suppose) and cheery, thoughtful maybe. Good first impressions, but then I thought about what I want her to be and so the progress went on.


A first step

So after thinking about her and her personality,  the result somehow was more clear to me. I wanted her to be a bit more mature not loosing her charm non the less, gentle, with a bit of a traditional flavor, but not too stiff or restricted. Kindness and honesty of a true friend. Browsing helped me too (about eyes, wigs and so on!). I had the ideas earlier with her and that maybe why I startet with her, also because I wanted her Face up to stay the way it is. This was the result:

Character re-design #1 - Kaede FinalI thought green touched hair would suit her so well, also underlining her nature loving attitude as an elf. Purple eyes to give her this energetic look and somehow calming the other way around. Maybe even a bit supernatural as the way she is. Thats also when I came up with her name Kaede (=maple leaf …). I also got a cute Kimono for her, that why she is shown with it on all the sketches.


The result


  • Brithday – 22th April
  • Age – ?? Like in human years about 24
  • Kind, trustful elf girl
  • She enjoys to see happiness in little things – as for example in nature
  • Early bird
  • Afraid of insects (yes even though nature is just her thing, haha)
  • She is like a big sister
  • Calming
  • Loves daily routines – maybe a bit too much
  • Has an open ear for everyone, but can be “brutally honest” in her opinion
  • But hates arguments/fights , when involved she tries to shake it off in the clumsiest ways or distract people (so sometimes she stands in her own way when it comes to her honesty and people get her wrong…)

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and her new character, of course I am a bit unsure too (for a fist “real” project), so I leave myself some space to define her more in the future if needed. So let’s see how things will turn out. I am hopefully waiting for her new eyes and wig, excited to share my experiences with them and her new look.

  1. Hi dear, so sorry it took me so long to comment! ^^;;

    Kaede is beautiful! From her pink-braids form to her final look, it was amazing to see her come to life in your designs. ❤
    Her personality is really cute! Calm, sweet big-sister type who loves to find happiness every day and is afraid of bugs. . . really adorable! ❤
    I look forward to seeing her come to life in Dollfie Dream form too!

    It's really sweet of you to say I inspire you. I'm so happy that I can inspire you. ^////^
    And you are a big inspiration for me! I love seeing your photos and artwork, and hearing about your process. It makes me smile, and makes me want to draw more!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Don’t worry about it! ^^

      And thanks for those very uplifting words! ❤ I’m am sooo happy you do like her! hihi *blush*
      Of course you do! There is no other way! I reall yhave to thank you for all your usefull advices and your support on my projects! Ah Thanks again this is so sweet dear! ❤ And I am veeeery looking forward ^^

      Liked by 1 person


  2. I am so honored to inspire you ;o;
    But you also inspire me a lot my Dear Yureya ❤

    I think it is always very exciting and nerve wracking to create a new character, to find out more about them, what they are like, what they do like and not and to go on a journey with them. It took me quite some time to finally find a story for my dolls, but after that process everything fit together and is growing day by day.

    So don't worry!! Take your time, think, dream about and draw about them! Kaede is already precious looking and has some great characteristics. (She doesn't like bugs, that is so cute xD) and I think the green hair/purple eyes will look mystically amazing! I am super excited to see her dolly form ❤

    Liked by 1 person


    1. You are really very creative and sure you’ll inspire even more than only me ^///^ This is so kind from you thanks !!

      I can relate to that very much! I was soo unsure when I prepared the post and unsure about it. >.< And I really admire you for this, It is great that you startet with it and sharing too ^-^

      Thanks again Dear Nana! This really helpd a lot ! awwn haha XD right? Thanks thanks thanks! I feel a lot more comfortable due to your comment, I appreciate it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person


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