Winter dream – Kaede

Yes finally some spare time to share some great updates with you! 🙂 A while ago I made a blog entry with my re-design of my Dollfie Dream Kirika Towa Alma – Kaede. So now I can “proudly” present you some of her first pictures!

Only a few pictures and not my best session but I wanted to share them and my happiness. I think she is so lovely and according to my expectation. Besides… I forgot to put her elf ears on xD you can imagine how excited and happy I was haha. (And just noticed that while writing!)

Time to update her profile and introduction!


Wishing you a great Friday and wonderful holidays everyone! Enjoy your time.

  1. She’s very beautiful! Elegant and cute, with that small smile. ❤ Thank you for sharing!

    And Happy Holidays to you! 😀

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    1. Thankys a lot River!!! Hihi Glad you like her how she turned out! :3 ❤❤

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  2. I love how you explore your characters and ideas. And how excited you are ❤ she is very lovely and I really love her eyes!

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    1. Thank you SOOO much! I’m really very excited. This is like a whole new experience for me and I can understand the work and time some more now, of people who try to bring their character from for example a roleplay or drawing into a dolly form! I’m glad you liek her too! ^///^ really thanks fpr those uplifting words! *blush*

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