My year 2017

Hi everyone! I hope you had an all in all great year 2017 so far! For myself I can say the last year contained some big changes and surprises for me, but I’m very happy how things turned out even though there were some setbacks.

A look into the past

So 2017 went on so fast, wow. Even though I was not able to complete all my „goals” of 2017 (or near completion, oh well haha), I’m glad about all the improvements I did so far!

Things I wanted to do / try out

  • Self-made BJD wigs
  • More Face-up practice
  • Defining my characters / stories

There are also many open projects, like that one Corring drawing XD ah I feel bad for it. Maybe I am even get around about it! But in my experience it is a few times better just not to force yourself as I am more motivated on other projects.

Highlights from 2017

I thought It would be a cute Idea to share some of my personal Highlights in this Year or things I actually achieved. (Which are not private related)

  • Returning to drawing and trying out Speed-drawing (even If there is only one so far >.<)
  • Angel Phillia Lena Arrival
  • A re-design of my blog and a new combined concept
  • My Nintendo Switch and cool games ^^
  • More Figure photography (also thanks to Nendo-Monday)
  • Started to define my characters J and also my doll collection (sold some dolls and some need a new Home still)

Some unexpected Highlights are there too, like the re-design of my blog. I remember a time when I had a break from everything. Also happily to make one step after another back into the dolly hobby, after I neglect them for a while. Still after nearly 5 year, they are a little part of my life and I can relax when spending time with them or taking pictures. Even though I am very aware of that I won’t have as much time for them in the future then when I had some years ago.

I also recognized I spend more times with my Dollfie Dreams with my BJDs. Just feels like I’m more interested in them and motivated to develop them. Guess also in 2018, but we’ll see!


2018 here we go..?

After this little resume and remembering good times I also want to share some maybe goals in 2018 or where my blog journey will take me.

  • defining Characters and doll collection / keep on practicing drawing(these two of course) 🙂
  • I want a better storage system for my doll stuff
  • Try hard to keep the Nendo-Monday alive, as I really enjoy taking pictures of them (also because of their cute and funny expressions or props you can use XD) – This is also an important thing I noticed as I usually have problems with tinier doll ect
  • Improve my blogging and texts (sometimes I feel so clumlsy) also some nice content besides pictures, But it can be hard sometimes
  • Taking more outdoor pictures and full(or nearly full) Body shoots of my motives to improve in those areas – also get into flashlight (external) photography to support those works

Wow I thought about concentrating only about a few points, but they turned out quite more what I expected! Let’s see what will be done then. 🙂 I try not to hunt after them to badly and still enjoy my time! (ahh and all the video games are stealing time too XD)

Other things I consider doing this Year

  • Re-Shelling my Doll Calista (I don’t know if it will work out this year though)
  • Maybe getting a face-up done by an Face-up Artist for one of my Dollfie Dreams (nothing too specific now but I played with this thought for a while now)

Well these are already some good points I guess ^^ and I am looking forward to do my best and try to work on them as time and motivation will help me.

I’m excited to hear about your year and plans, whether on your site or on the comments below! Let’s give our best! Also in the next year.

My personal picture highlights from myself (well early 2017 was not sooo productive photo based 😦 )


Have a great start into 2018 everyone! Let’s give out best also this next new year! 🙂

  1. I would love to see more Nendo-Monday – but just a smuch as you can do.
    I know from myself, that those project tend to get me stressed over – so just do what you can and want – especially have fun with it.
    I wish you a productive, fun and great 2018 :3
    One of my highlights this year was to find so many great people, including you Dear ❤

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thank you a lot for your support! This is sooo kind from you ❤ Yes I will try my best to go with it whenever I have time and feel like it ^_^

      I also wish you a great and lovely year 2018! I am excited to your new work aswell and surely I have to say the same I’m glad we have met! ^//^

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Awww – Big hugs ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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