Character re-design #2 – Tsuyu

So let’s make a full power start kind of in this new year with a new character Re-design! So I am not 100% sure If Rinoa will turn Into „Tsuyu“, as I have to consider a few things and styles of the mold and so on. But maybe she will be the one who will get a Face-up from an Artist? It is very vague until now, but the character itself has a more defined stage. So sorry for confusing you, let’s start! 🙂

First image

Well sometimes you just have an first impression of an character build up by themselves. That was just the case here too.

Character re-design #2 Tsuyu

Sooo, thinking back I guess it was not such a bad idea or plan that I had for her. But somehow things would not work out for her. It may sound strange but she just did not feel right. Even after changing her colors in general it would not make me “satisfied with her”. She reminded me more of a fantasy kind of character. In the end I decided to do a complete throw-over for her hair.


Cute creeper

After some trials I came up for this style and look for Tsuyu!

Character re-design #2 Tsuyu

I wanted to give her this cute but also a bit moody look. She is not supposed to look scary or anything at all and should have her sweet, even though tired, kind of smile. Not the “girl next door” look. But still charming in Tsuyu’s very own way! Rinoa was supposed to be an idol kind of character. When I thought about it through and it was really difficult to me, I decided to give her this turn around and more of a personality. This does not mean idols have no personality! But I feared to be influenced too much from all the Anime’s I watched. I’m sure one day there will be one idol character for me (or more) but I want to take my time for it and create the character first before I got a doll at home and try to make a character fit her.

I guess this issue was my problem too with many of my dolls. I had a first impression for a doll and ideas for a character but somehow always in a twisted kind of order (but it can work though!). Sometimes when spending time with that specific doll you notice while taking pictures sometimes that this character might not suit this mold / doll too well. So I took a while to really get this through and altering the appearance to a (for me) more appealing and suiting / defined one.


The result

Character re-design #2 Tsuyu

Suuuper Quick and more final Sketch, I just did in a few minutes >_<


  • 20 Years old
  • Birthday 02nd November (Día de los Muertos in mexico)
  • Tsuyu means morning dew in japanese, also a rainy season is called Tsuyu in japan
  • She loves gaming (especially graphic novels) and blogging (walkthroughs and tips for games)
  • At the time she is working in a tiny book store
  • She loves scary stories and occult things
  • Stays awake very long too often
  • Tsuyu could not care less what others think about her even though she acts strange, in fact she sometimes even enjoy to scare people with her occult things
  • Sometimes Tsuyu would love to dress up like a Lolita Girl.
  • If she could choose it she would want to be a cat (She could remind you of a sleepy black cat!)

Thats all for it now, there is still room for her to grow or maybe altering her a little. ^^

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  2. Wow. . . Tsuyu has a very dramatic look! It’s cool to see your development process, like how she still has some of the same design features from your original sketches, yet her personality has evolved beyond that. I like the original purple-haired design too, but even I can see that Tsuyu looks more like herself now. ^^ And she really does look like a mischievous little cat! XD

    (I am always amazed when you say, “This was a super-quick sketch.” They always looks so polished and expressive. . . how can you do that so quickly?! I’m a little jealous~ ^^)

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Oh River-sama!! I am blushing right know ready your cute comment! This motivates me really reaaally a lot! A big thank you! ^///^ Ahh hehe I am glad you think so too X3 I’m quite excited to show more of her. If there only would be more time! >.///< I always admire how people can make such clean pictures and straight lines (where I always struggle) so sometimes it is easier for me just working with a very rough sketch (as I am too unpatient sometimes XD) So with these scribbles I prefer to use a softer brush with not full density on to give the drawing an even more sketchier look and not thinking too much about how a line should be defined or look. Maybe you can try it out too.^^

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Oh dear. . . now I’m blushing too. . . . (^////^) I’m happy you liked my comment!

        Ooh, that sounds like a good technique, to use soft brush + less density to have a soft, sketchy look. It really looks nice, too, when you use it. I’ll give it a try some time! (^__^)
        (And now I really think I should be the one calling you -sama now. . . or Sensei, you’ve given me so much good advice. Yureya-sensei! ^^)

        Straight lines can be difficult too. It helps me to use a line stabilizer, like GIMP has an option called “smooth stroke”. I wonder if SAI has a similar option?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are very welcome! I’m glad if I can be any help to you ^_^ !! I would really look forward to a result, I hope you’ll have fun trying it out! ^^ (aww no I really don’t deserve this *blush* >///<)

        Oh yes SAI has a stabilizier too, I still need to get used to it though as my lines are often shaky even with the option on! ü//ü

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, I’ll definitely share with you when I finish one in this style! Look forward to it, Yureya-sensei~ hehe! XD


  3. Ohhh she is kind of a opposite of Kaede, but I am sure they could compliment each other very well. I am excited to see her dollie version ❤

    And I really had to smile about your Idol Doll thoughts. In the beginning I also had more of the typical magical girl shojo mange type girls. But with time with the dolls and their possible background they will grew and so are you apparently. So the perfect Idol Girl maybe doesn't fit right now -BUT idol life is hard … so maybe a more realistic story would be interesting 😉

    (but I still LOVE magical girl shojo – even the cheesy ones like Wedding Peach or the classic Sailormoon xD )

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thanks soo much ^///^ this makes me happy! Yes they turned out so different! And I reaaaally wanna make (or buy XD) a little “sitzsack” (weiß nicht wie man das übersetzt X//D) for her. I guess I will show her soon ^_^

      Ah thank you again for your support and thoughts! It keeps me up and going! Your words are so true too when I think about it! And again thanks for your inspiration and advise I appreciate it! ^^ Let’s see when she (and I) be ready :3

      (Oh me too XD ❤ I can get lost in them easily too)

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Beanbag xD hahaha Denglish…
        I am excited for her and some pictures of both girls together :3

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ahhh haha XD you are right! How embarassing! Thanks again dear!

        Liked by 1 person

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